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Process engineering fields
Components of a chemical plant
Unit operations

(Rating according to WikiProject Chemical and Bio Engineering)

en.wikipedia Class it.wikipedia Livello commons
en:Unit operation Start-Class article it:Operazione unitaria Start-Class article c
en:Fractionation (to be rated) it:Frazionamento (da creare) c
en:Distillation B-Class article it:Distillazione C-Class article c
en:Gas-liquid absorption (to be created) it:Assorbimento gas-liquido B-Class article c
en:Stripping (to be created) it:Strippaggio (da monitorare) c
en:Adsorption B-Class article it:Adsorbimento C-Class article c
en:Filtration Start-Class article it:Filtrazione C-Class article c
en:Crystalization (to be rated) it:Cristallizzazione frazionata Start-Class article c
en:Evaporation Start-Class article it:Evaporazione (vedi Evaporatore) c
en:Fluidization (to be rated) it:Fluidizzazione (da monitorare) c
en:Chromatography (to be rated) it:Cromatografia C-Class article c
en:Humidification (redirect) it:Umidificazione (da monitorare) c
en:Drying Start-Class article it:Essiccamento Start-Class article c
en:Concentration (to be created) it:Concentrazione Stub-Class article c
en:Extraction (to be rated) it:Estrazione (da monitorare) c
en:Leaching Start-Class article it:Lisciviazione (da monitorare) c
en:Flocculation (to be rated) it:Flocculazione Start-Class article c
en:Flotation (to be rated) it:Flottazione C-Class article c
en:Sedimentation (to be rated) it:Sedimentazione Start-Class article c
en:Decantation (to be rated) it:Decantazione (redirect) c
en:Centrifugation Start-Class article it:Separazione centrifuga (redirect) c
en:Magnetic separation (to be rated) it:Separazione magnetica (vedi Separatore magnetico) c
en:Mixing (to be rated) it:Miscelazione B-Class article c
en:Sieving (redirect) it:Setacciatura (da monitorare) c
en:Milling (redirect) it:Macinazione (da monitorare) c
en:Sintering (to be rated) it:Sinterizzazione (da monitorare) c
it:Levigazione (da creare)
Other subjects
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