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Dante Marx is a psuedonym for Daniel M Treisman, a medical/biological researcher beginning his PhD studies at the University of Michigan based in Ann Arbor. His scientific background is cell biology, molecular biology, and developmental biology, with a particular focus on tumor cells and stem cells.

He is currently working in the field of neuro-oncological research. His primary intrests within the lab involve immunostaining, animal surgery, cell culture work, and gene analysis. More recently, he has learned cloning techniques and protein analysis. He is also an amateur statistician.

He has numerous hobbies that are not important at this time.

Scientific Contributions[edit]

Paul A. Clark, Daniel M. Treisman, Johnathan Ebben, and John S. Kuo. 2007. Developmental Signaling Pathways in Brain Tumor-Derived Stem-Like Cells. Developmental Dynamics. 236, 3297-3308 --Dante Marx (talk) 20:12, 18 February 2008 (UTC)

Non-scientific Contributions[edit]

Brief CV[edit]

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin - Madison (Fall 2003- Spring 2007)
Research Associate: University of Wisconsin - Madison Hospital and Clinics (2007-2008)
Graduate Study: University of Michigan (2008-Present)

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