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Most important work[edit]

The most important work I have done for the Wikipedia is to make sure that there was an article for each and every important modern Israeli poet. If an article did not exist already for one of these poets, I created one. I also expanded already existent articles. Most of this work I did before I adopted the user-name "Das Baz," so it is not actually listed as mine, but it is. Das Baz 17:30, 27 May 2006 Some of the most positive reaction I have received is for my additions to the articles on Petrovichi -birthplace of Isaac Asimov- and on Till We Have Faces - a novel by C.S. Lewis. One thing Lewis and Asimov have in common: They were both friends with J.R.R. Tolkien - Lewis a close friend, Asimov a pen-pal.

Later: I have also received some positive feedback for Egyptian Names in the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, this article was suppressed by a gang of ruthless fanatical Anti-Mormons.

Indolences declared[1] List of fictional penguins "the best article ever." If it is so, the credit goes to all the wonderful editors who have added to the list I initiated. Penguins keep amazing me by their quality, their quantity, and their variety.

I also created a List of Fictional Pandas and a List of fictional skunks. Both were well received, and expanded by other editors.

Wikipedia problems[edit]

The main problem with Wikipedia, it seems to me sometimes, is that carnivorous ideologues wield too much power and do not allow the presentation of any POV but their own. They ruthlessly vandalize out such external links as this one: Article by Urrutia: "Interview with Master Yoda." Other problems: An obsessive phobia against "original research" and against the "crystal ball." Often this ends up as a rejection of plain common sense. For example, I have said that if anti-gravity devices such as those in "Back to the Future 2" are invented, Quidditch will become a real-life sport. This is neither crystal ball or original research, but just plain common sense, obvious and apodictical.

  • I would gladly do away with the "crystal ball" and "original research" rules. They are hindrances to the pursuit of truth.


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Topics of Interest[edit]

Some of the topics I'm interested in and have written about (in Wikipedia and elsewhere):

There is an interesting article on Wikipedia in the July 31, 2006 issue of the New Yorker. Of all these subjects, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Vegetarianism are the only ones mentioned in the article.