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I found your discourse on the Hell Talk page very interesting. The concept of hell interests me, as it does many, of course. I think it is a barbaric idea myself; I belonged to a religion that taught it most dogmatically and graphically. A solitary sin could be punished by an eternity; a hateful thought, eating meat on Fridays, a wank. I found your ideas interesting. They are much like the Orthodox idea of hell; the same fire of God's love both rewards and torments. Except of course in the Orthodox view the torment is eternal. Hell is barbaric, but then there is the problem of justice. The harmful deeds of men and women often seem to go unpunished in life. Many seem to suffer a hard and joyless life, while others prosper. I believe that this must be evened out somehow, but I cannot suggest how.--Gazzster 00:50, 2 June 2007 (UTC)