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Finished Articles[edit]

These are the articles that I have created for Wiki. YesY
See Finished Articles

Articles to finish[edit]

These are articles in the progress of being made:
/Basil Binyon (1885-1977 pioneer of radio broadcasting - started 22 September 2014)
/Nikolai Vasilievich Pavlov (botanist 1893-1971 - started on 1 September)
/Iris tubergeniana(scorpiris started on 29 August 2014)
/Iris stenophylla(scorpiris started on 29 August 2014)
/Iris kuschakewiczii (scorpiris started on 29 August 2014)
/Iris narbutii(scorpiris started on 29 August 2014)
/Iris maracandica (scorpiris started on 22 August 2014)
/Cornelis Gerrit van Tubergen (botanist 1844-1919 - started on 21st August 2014)
/Georgi Ivanovich Rodionenko (botanist 1913-2014 - started on 16th August 2014)
/Leopold Trattinnick (Austrain botanist 1764-1849 - started on August 2014)
/Boris Fedtschenko (Russian botanist - started on 8th August 2014)
/Alexei Vvedenski (Russian botanist - started on 8th August 2014)
/Ivan Ivanovich Abramov (Russian botantist - started on 8th August 2014)
/Iris warleyensis (started on 7th August 2014)
/Iris willmottiana (started on 7th August 2014)
/Iris zaprjagajewii(started on 7th August 2014)
/Iris zenaidae (started on 7th August 2014)
/Naomi Feinbrun (Israeli botanist - started 6th August 2014)
/Iris nusairiensis (started on 6th August 2014)
/Iris rosenbachiana (started on 6th August 2014)
/Iris vicaria (started on 6th August 2014)
/Iris warleyensis(started on 7th August 2014)
/Iris ruthfordii (sub specier of Iris - started 31 July)
/William Dykes (Iris hybriser 1877-1925 started on 30 July 2014)
/Julio Augusto Henriques (Portugese botanist 1838-1928 started 29 July 2014)
/John Singleton (British Open Golf player - started 21 July 2014)
/Aleksandr Vasiljevich Fomin (Russian botanist 1869–1935 started 17 July 2014)
/Ian Charleson Hedge (botanist - started 15 July 2014)
/Marschall von Bieberstein (german botanist - started 14 July 2014)
/Joyce Green Hospital (fever hospital near Dartford - started 22 June 2014)
/Ropery (special rope making building - started 22 May 2014)
/The Tudor Trail (cycle route - started 16 May 2014)
/Chalk and Channel way (cycle route - started 16 May 2014)
/Centaur (sailing barge) (started 22nd March 2014)
/Colin Wayne (fitness model) (started 15 March 2014)
/Eastgate House (listed house in Rochester) (started 23 February 2014)
/Geograph Channel Islands (sister project of Geograph) (started 28th January 2014)
/Geograph Deutschland (sister project of Geograph) (started 28th January 2014)
User:DavidAnstiss/James Duncan (art collector) (started 4 January 2014)
/Great Lines Heritage Park (started 17 December 2013)
/Lady of the Lea (Thames Sailing Barge) (started 11 December 2013)
/Natasha North (singer) (started 20 October 2013)
/Brightwen Binyon (architect) (started 15 October 2013)

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