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New to Wikipedia. Causing all sort of trouble to the good folks who have been writing the page on Feminism.

A big Victoria Woodhull fan. So much for the NPOV.  :)

David, I want to repeat something I said elsewhere so that you can understand where I'm coming from.

I did not call you a Nazi, and I did not intend for anyone to take my remark, which I regret and apologize for, in the way that you did. "Godwin's Law" is a well-known custom in Usenet, and I was really trying to make a joke about that. I thought you would realize that the comment wasn't serious.

Edit the page, please. But edit towards NPOV, not towards America-bashing. No one will mind that, and no one will simply delete your changes. If they do, then I'll help you defend them -- if they are, in fact, defensible.

--Jimbo Wales

Ok Larry, it seems like you've been spreading little lies about me now over your Wikipedia. I don't appreciate this sort of thing. I suspect this is because you actually DON'T have the authority to carry out the nasty threat you made to me the other day so you just want to make things uncomfortable enough for me that I'll leave of my own accord. Well I'll certainly do that. I see some others bailing out too and the atmosphere certainly has been very heated, in no small part down to you. I'm refering to some comments you made on Masculism/Talk. I don't know if you've been spreading this crap elsewhere too.

Larry said

That's what my dispute with David has been about, viz., his apparent insistence (which I'm not sure he's holding to anymore) that Wikipedia articles, or some of them, be biased. I have always held that Wikipedia can and should be unbiased, and I get far more hot and bothered about that than about issues surrounding feminism and masculism. (That, because Wikipedia's is a major part of my life's work, and our adherence to the neutrality policy is one of the things that makes Wikipedia function!)

I have never said that articles ought to be baised. What a ridiculous lie. I've never seen anyone here say that. You really are some piece of work aren't you Larry? What I find really funny is that you are pretending to be this great philosopher, with your PhD, and on and on about how you can put both sides, and then you come out with this outrageous garbage about me, the most crude strawman, knock-down position you could think of because you couldn't be bothered to listen to what someone else was saying. And you DARE to lecture others about the NPOV? LOL.

Oh I've just seen some more of your crap,

First of all, David, this is not about me, and it isn't about you. It's about a policy that you seem bent on flouting. If you want to be reasonable and if you want to help preserve everyone's sanity (not to mention the scanty holiday spirit on Wikipedia), you'll keep that in mind. But, to keep the record straight, anyone who knows me knows that I do not have a knee-jerk desire to constrol every aspect of the project. I typically welcome newcomers and try (as gently as possible) to teach them what's going on here. But, frankly, I have somewhat less patience than I should have with newcomers who attempt, unreasonably, to judge, criticize, and change the project without first understanding it.

Again you make a total misrepresentation of my point of view. And no, at this stage I really don't give enough of a damn to explain it to you again. You're an idiot. I already know how you treat new comers because I am one, remember? You threatened me and told me I was making biased edits. Then I reminded you that I'd made no edits in two weeks and you said you'd reconsider your threat to ban me for my bias (in editing the articles I hadn't edited at all).

Anyone with one ounce of intelligence would realise that for this project to stand any chance whatsoever of succeeding it is necessary to attract smart knowledgable people who are willing to put a hell of a lot of unpaid effort into this. Your paranoid stupidity and clumsy dictatorial attitude pretty much guarantees that won't happen. You swagger around the place bossing people and threatening them. You have no sense of seeing the other guy's point of view at all. You go out of your way to tell people how you are in charge of what's supposed to be a community project. You're a liability. You don't have the personality to hold this together. You should resign in favour of someone who is more willing to persue the spirit of this project, and better able to resist throwing their weight around. David Byron