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משתמש זה מסוגל לתרום ברמה מקצועית של עברית.‏
tmr-2 משתמש הדא ממלל ארמיא דתלמודא בבלאה בדרגא מציעא.‏
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One of my favorite pastimes is writing. The professional skills required for good writing are in building a good vocabulary, or, as some may call it, becoming a "wordsmith." Reading many books, and becoming acquainted with the styles of other authors definitely helps. Hopefully, my contribution here, on Wikipedia, will be a worthwhile one and will bring some sense of satisfaction to our readers.

A scholar once wrote: "Literature... depends heavily on credibility. If a text has passed through the professional hands of the author, editor, publisher, and bookseller, the readers will assume with good reason that the editorial frame and, in particular, the alleged authorship is accurate." - D. Trobisch. This does not negate, however, how that we, as editors, ought to be truthful in our reporting. Maimonides, the famous Jewish Rabbi and philosopher, once wrote in his Epistle to Yemen (ch. xiv): “Do not consider a statement true because you find it in a book, for the prevaricator is as little restrained with his pen as with his tongue. For the untutored and uninstructed are convinced of the veracity of a statement by the mere fact that it is written; nevertheless its accuracy must be demonstrated in another manner.”

In many of my articles published here on Wikipedia, I often make use of Hebrew quotes taken from reliable Hebrew sources not readily available to our English readers, but which I am careful to add thereto an English translation of the Hebrew text, as well as expanded explanatory notes in the references cited.

"No one is so poor as he who lacks knowledge!" - Babylonian Talmud, Nedarim 41a

Lovely valley, the Elah Valley

To my fellow editors, I say: HAPPY EDITING!