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Hi! I'm Derrick Coetzee, an administrator on the English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons (Wikimedia Commons user page), and a user since June 2003. I'm a graduate student in computer science at the University of California, Berkeley in the United States (student homepage) and an amateur photographer (Flickr homepage). On the English Wikipedia, I mainly contribute content to articles about computer science and mathematics, add images to articles, deal with image copyright issues, and discuss policy. For more about me, see my homepage.

I am agender (without gender) but you may refer to me using any pronouns that you wish.

Please feel free to leave a message on my talk page or e-mail me if there's anything I can help you with, or if you just want to chat. If you want to talk on IM, just e-mail me and ask for my contact information. If you have a very private message, please encrypt it using my PGP public key.

I am a member of WikiProject Mathematics, WikiProject Computing, and WikiProject Computer science. When I'm on IRC I'm usually on #wikipedia, #wikipedia-en, #wikipedia-en-admins, #wikipedia-en-help, and #wikimedia-commons and my IRC nick is Dcoetzee.

In Spring 2010 I was a Campus Ambassador for an environmental policy class at San Francisco State University. In Fall 2010, along with User:Mattsenate, I was a Wikipedia Regional co-Ambassador for Northern California. In Spring 2012, I was Campus Ambassador for an environmental law class at University of San Francisco.

I've contributed a significant amount of content to each of the articles listed in the Articles section below; not all articles I've edited significantly are listed, see my user contributions for more. I've created diagrams and taken photos for several pages, although most of my image work these days is on Wikimedia Commons, where I've also done a lot of image cleanup work (see my user page there). I've also done extensive disambiguation, page moving, link fixing, editing for wording and clarity, RC and new page patrol, fact checking, adding redirects, and many other minor editing tasks — most of my work is not reflected on this page.

To summarize my Wikipedia philosophy: I try to be moderate and give thought to each issue that arises, not consigning myself to labels, but in general I would call myself a tolerant inclusionist. I follow the spirit of the rules but not always their letter; the most important rules to me are don't bite the newbies and "assume ignorance, not malice", because editors are our lifeblood. I tend to prefer normal editing work to administravia despite my status, and I believe the most important contributions are the addition of new raw text and ideas to articles, however unpolished it is. None of this is to say that I don't become very frustrated on occasion; when I feel that I'm losing objectivity, I try to withdraw.

License of my work[edit]

Although all Wikipedia contributors release their work under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, I additionally waive all rights to all my contributions to any namespace under the Creative Commons Zero waiver 1.0 (CC0 1.0). Thus any content written solely by myself (not edited significantly by others) can be used without any form of attribution, and derivative works need not be freely licensed; this applies to contributions to any page including articles, discussion pages, and project pages. I make no license statement regarding images or contributions on other wikis here.




These are essays I've written on various topics related to Wikipedia.

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See also my Commons page.

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