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I am primarily interested in continuing to research and write articles on Wikipedia concerning the social and natural history of Huron County, North Middlesex and northern Lambton County, in Ontario Canada. I am particularly interested in the founding and development of the original small communities in these areas, especially those that have nearly disappeared or perhaps have already become actual ghost towns. I am also keen on helping to edit articles regarding North American native cultures of the eastern Great Lakes region and on religion as a topic in general, in particular those belief systems that are often labelled as being "controversial".

Some useful advice: WP:MASTODONS

Why is it that I have a sneaking suspicion that this particular vandal has no idea whatsoever how reverting vandalism actually works?[1]

Below are articles that I have either created myself or have added to in a significant way:

David Ramsay (Upper Canada)

Dashwood, Ontario

Sodom, Ontario

Spidertown, Ontario

Anthony Van Egmond

Patrick Cloutier

Southwold Earthworks

Nicholas Melady

Mount Carmel, Middlesex County, Ontario

Ashtar (extraterrestrial being)

John Melady

Maguire, Ontario

Ausable River (Ontario)

Hay Swamp

Questions or comments are invited.

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For my own reference:

Things To Do:

Oki (Iroquoian)


Iroquois mythology

Sweat lodge

Crediton, Ontario

Louis Hall (Karoniaktajeh)

Jacob Thomas (Cayuga chief)

Zurich, Ontario

Economy of the Iroquois

Bayfield, Ontario

Huron Tract

Jean Baptiste Perrault

Charles Garrad

Niagara Falls

John Troyer

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