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M@tthew  Trvmp
Age: 39
Occupation: Physicist/Writer (cv)
Nationality: United States
Residence: Staten Island, New York
Birth place: Ames, Iowa

Interests: Geography, U.S. history, Cartography, Rivers, Historical maps, Obscure movies, 1970s television, Business and finance, Architecture and bridges, Natural history.


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Tree of Major Contributions[edit]

(Δ=originating page, @=connection, page started in bold):


Province of Maine- Δ
Ferdinando Gorges
Merrimack River
Kennebec River
List of Maine rivers
Penobscot River
St. Croix River
Saint Croix Island
Piscataqua River
Salmon Falls River

New England[edit]

Dominion of New England

Narragansett Bay[edit]

Adriaen Block - @
Long Island Sound
Housatonic River
Block Island
Point Judith
Block Island Sound
Rhode Island Sound
Narragansett Bay
Aquidneck Island
Conanicut Island
Prudence Island
Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
National Estuarine Research Reserve
Coastal Zone Management Act
National Marine Protected Areas Initiative
Newport Tower - Δ
Dighton Rock
Taunton River
Henry Sinclair
Zeno brothers
Zeno Map
Theory that Henry Sinclair explored North America
William Sinclair
Rosslyn Chapel
Apprentice Pillar

Long Island[edit]

Barnegat Bay[edit]

Staten Island[edit]

New York Harbor[edit]

The Narrows
New York Harbor
Marine life of New York Harbor
Geography of New York Harbor
New York Bay
Upper New York Bay
North River
East River
Hell Gate
Throgs Neck
Williamsburg Bridge
Governors Island
Buttermilk Channel
Lower New York Bay
Raritan Bay
Sandy Hook Bay
Sandy Hook (New Jersey)
Shrewsbury River
Navesink River
Verrazano Narrows Bridge
Giovanni da Verrazano
New York City Marathon
Staten Island, New York - Δ - א
Thomas Dongan
Province of New York
Province of New Jersey
Francis Lovelace
New Dorp
Todt Hill
Kill Van Kull
Newark Bay - @
Arthur Kill
Isle of Meadow
Prall's Island
Raritan Bay
Bayonne Bridge
Outerbridge Crossing
John Alexander Waddell
Fresh Kills Landfill
Fresh Kills
Staten Island Greenbelt
Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve
New York City
The Five Boroughs
Tri-State Region
Jersey Shore
History of New York City
New Amsterdam
New Netherland
Hudson Valley
Adriaen Block - @
Fort Amsterdam
Cryn Fredericks
Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House
Cass Gilbert
Bowling Green
The Financial District
Charging Bull
Arturo Di Modica
Guerilla art
New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
List of New York City parks
Canyon of Heroes
Ticker-tape parade
List of ticker tape parades in New York City

Commissioners' Plan of 1811 - @
Manhattan North
Gouverneur Morris
Grid plan - Δ - @
Baths of Caracalla
Pennsylvania Station
NBC Mystery Movie
Dennis Weaver
Lonny Chapman
The Simpsons
Hollywood Walk of Fame
McMillan and Wife

Newark Bay[edit]

Newark Bay - @
Hackensack River
Overpeck Creek
The Palisades
Passaic River - Δ
Great Falls of the Passaic River
Glacial Lake Passaic
proglacial lake
Watchung Mountains
Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufactures
Pompton River
Pequannock River
Ramapo River
New York State Thruway
Garden State Parkway
Driscoll Bridge
Rockaway River
Whippany River
Morris Canal- Δ
Lake Hopatcong
Musconetcong River
Pohatcong Mountain
Upper Pohatcong Mountain
Pohatcong Creek
Cable ferry
Lehigh River
Arthur Kill
Rahway River

Delaware River[edit]

Lehigh River
Lackawaxen River
Musconetcong River
Morris Canal - Δ
Pohatcong Creek

Lake Ontario[edit]

Susequehanna River[edit]

Lackawanna River
Juniata River
Little Juniata River
Allegheny Portage Railroad
Kittanning Path
Kittanning Gap
Horseshoe Curve
Kittanning (village)
Swatara Creek
Quittapahilla Creek

New Columbia[edit]

District of Columbia Voting Rights Amendment- Δ
New Columbia


Virginia Company- Δ
Virginia Colony
London Company
Plymouth Company
Plymouth Council for New England

Ohio River[edit]

Northwest Territory[edit]

Ohio Country
Virginia Colony
Northwest Ordinance
Northwest Territory
Illinois Country

Upper Mississippi[edit]

Henry Schoolcraft
Lewis Cass
Cass Lake
Lake Bemidji
Lake Itasca - Δ
Schoolcraft River

Iowa Great Lakes[edit]

Iowa Great Lakes
Spirit Lake, Iowa
University of Okoboji
East Okoboji Lake- Δ
West Okoboji Lake
Spirt Lake

Upper Missouri[edit]

Missouri River
Platte River
North Platte River
Laramie River
North Laramie River
Chugwater Creek
Sweetwater River
Medicine Bow River
South Platte River
Cache La Poudre River
Big Thompson River
Cherry Creek (Colorado)
Niobrara River
Keya Paha River
James River (Dakotas)
Coteau des Prairies - @
Coteau du Missouri
White River (South Dakota)
Bad River (South Dakota)
Cheyenne River
Belle Fourche River
Moreau River
Grand River (South Dakota)
Hugh Glass
Cannonball River
Heart River
Knife River
Little Missouri River (North Dakota)
Yellowstone River
Powder River
Powder River Country
Red Cloud's War
Red Cloud
Tongue River (Montana)
Bighorn River
Little Bighorn River
Wind River
Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River
Shields River
Lamar River
Big Muddy Creek (Montana)
Poplar River
Milk River (Montana)
Redwater River
Musselshell River
Sacagawea River
Judith River
Judith River Group
Marias River
Teton River (Montana)
Two Medicine River
Cut Bank Creek
Smith River (Montana)
Jefferson River
Big Hole River
Wise River
Madison River
Gallatin River

Coteau des Prairies[edit]

Coteau des Prairies - @
Big Sioux River
List of Iowa rivers - Δ
Des Moines River
Ledges State Park
Upper Iowa River
Iowa River
Skunk River
Squaw Creek (Iowa)
Ames, Iowa
Oakes Ames
English River
Riverside, Iowa

Sabine River[edit]

Sabine River (Texas-Louisiana)


Treaty Oak - Δ
Austin, Texas
Edwin Waller
grid plan - @
Texas Declaration of Independence (source)
Convention of 1836
David G. Burnet
Francisco de Miranda
Timeline of the Texas Revolution
Battle of Gonzales
University of Texas at Austin - א
Bevo (mascot)

Bighorn Basin[edit]

Wind River Range- @
Wind River
Shoshone Basin
Granite Mountains
Sweetwater River
Owl Creek Mountains
Absaroka Range
Bridger Mountains
Bighorn River
Bighorn Basin
Bighorn Mountains
Little Bighorn River
Powder River Country
Red Cloud's War
Powder River
Yellowstone River- Δ

Great Salt Lake[edit]

Great Salt Lake
Spiral Jetty - Δ
Southern Pacific Railroad
Primordial sea
Golden Spike National Historic Site
Golden spike - Ϯ
Utah Territory
State of Deseret
Mexican Cession
Nevada Territory
Colorado Territory
Sand Creek Massacre
Soldier Blue
Ralph Nelson
Peter Strauss
Masada (miniseries)
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Peter Strauss Ranch
California live oak
Santa Susana Mountains
Santa Clara River
Colorado Front Range
Front Range
Fort Collins, Colorado
Cache La Poudre River
Horsetooth Mountain
Denver, Colorado
South Platte River
Cache La Poudre River
Big Thompson River
North Platte River
Laramie Mountains
Denver Metropolitan Area
Aurora, Colorado
Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center
William T. Fitzsimmons
Arizona Territory
Arizona Territory (CSA)
Barry Goldwater

Colorado River[edit]

Strait of Anián
Island of California - Δ
Garcia Ordoñez de Montalvo
History of California
Baja California
Gulf of California
Fortún Ximénez
Francisco de Ulloa
Hernando de Alarcón
Colorado River
Gila River
Salt River
Little Colorado River
Virgin River
San Juan River
Green River
White River
Yampa River
Little Snake River
Big Sandy River
Wind River Range - @
Dolores River
San Miguel River
Gunnison River
Uncompahgre River
Roaring Fork River
Crystal River
Fryingpan River
Blue River
Fraser River
Willow Creek

Willamette Valley[edit]

Glacial Lake Missoula
Missoula Floods
Willamette Valley
Willamette River - Δ
Tualatin River
Molalla River
Pudding River
Portland, Oregon
William Stafford
Portland Building'
Salem, Oregon
Willamette University - א
Oregon Territory
Oregon Trail
Organized territory
Washington Territory
Idaho Territory
Montana Territory

Klamath River[edit]

Klamath River- Δ

Tanana Valley[edit]

Tanana River- Δ
Tanana Valley
Wrangell Mountains


Charter of Liberties
Henry I of England - Δ
Robert Curthose
Ranulf Flambard
Battle of Tinchebray
Treaty of Alton


History of London
Swinging London
I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname- Δ
Michael Winner

Earth orbit[edit]

Earth Observing System
Terra (satellite) - Δ
square meters per pixel
Atlas IIAS

Virgo cluster[edit]

Virgo cluster - Δ -cv
W cloud
standard candle- Δ
experimentum crucis
Galaxy rotation problem
Newtonian limit
Classical physics

Regular curves[edit]

geodesic curvature- Δ
curvature vector
unit tangent vector
natural representation
regular parametric representation

Uncanny Valley[edit]

Buddha nature
Masahiro Mori
Uncanny Valley - Δ
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Leonardo's robot
Leonardo da Vinci
Vitruvian Man
Jacques de Vaucanson
Minim (religious order)
Francis of Paola
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
Musée des Arts et Métiers


Andrew Carnegie
Pittsburgh Locomotive and Car Works- Δ
Napoleon Hill

Syrtis Minor[edit]

Saint Valentine
Saint Valentine's Day - Δ
Catholic Encyclopedia
Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church
Roman province of Africa
Syrtis Minor

Financial District[edit]

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