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User talk:Deepon
Born 8th June
Hometown Kolkata
Hobbies Photgraphy, Computer games, Painting, Music.
Schooling Patha Bhavan, Kolkata
College Jadavpur University
Interests Films, Music, Gadgets

Nationality Indian
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Wikiproject india

Deepon Saha became an active wikipedian in late 2010 and started contributing in English & Bengali Wikipedia. Loves to watch movies & is an active blogger.




Web Designing

Wiki Interests



May 2015
11:14 pm IST

Deepon is usually Online on the following IRC channels. His current Status: Offline. Ledred.png

Wikipedia activity

Wikipedia has been the source of knowledge for Deepon since his school days. He became more dependent on Wikipedia than books.

  • Articles created on en-Wikipedia:
  1. Polysilicon depletion effectYes check.svg Done
  2. Sense amplifier Doing...
  • Currently editing the following articles on en-Wikipedia:

Being a part of Wikiproject electronics:

  1. Multigate device
  2. Sense amplifier
  3. Current sense amplifier
  4. Polysilicon depletion effect
  5. VLSI
  6. Engineering Change Order
  7. Skip distance
  8. Silicon on Insulator
  9. Random dopant fluctuation
  10. Threshold voltage
  11. Mixed-signal integrated circuit
  12. Antenna effect
  13. Physical verification
  14. Verilog-A
  15. Front end of line
  16. Back end of line
  17. Physical design (electronics)
  18. Domino logic


  1. Jadavpur University
  2. MIT
  3. Udaya Kumar (designer)
  4. Anant Agarwal
  5. National Institute of Technology, Agartala
  6. Sunetra Choudhury
  7. Mumtaz Sorcar
  • Outreach sessions:
As a part of the Wiki Academy:
  1. Jadavpur University Yes check.svg Done
  2. NIT Agartala Yes check.svg Done
Wikipedia Meetup - Kolkata 2011-02-12
Wikipedia 11th Anniversary(Kolkata 2012-01-13) with Bishakha Datta, Jayanta, Nitika