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I have too much going on in my real life that editing full-time is only going to get in the way. I come on once in awhile (when I'm bored) and edit a couple minor things but nothing major. -Deftonesderrick

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About Deftonesderrick[edit]

Hello, everyone! I've been using Wikipedia for years and started contributing to editing in early 2009. I created this username in late 2009 to establish myself as a legitimate user in the Wiki-community. I typically contribute anywhere from 10-50 edits a week.

I contribute mostly to plot summaries of video games, movies, television show seasons, and books. As an avid editor, I also do my best to watch for vandalism and misinformation and excise it as quickly as possible. My goal is to use my knowledge to help improve pages, especially their plot sections. Whether or not my changes are accepted, if it eventually leads to improvements, then I feel I've contributed.

My Contributions[edit]

Contributions (Listed)

Every page I contribute to, no matter how minor, I stay around and help revert vandalism!

Other Projects I've Created[edit]


Userboxes I've created


I can help anyone who wants to create a Barnstar. I have Adobe CS4 and other tools if you don't. Navigate your way to my talk page if you're interested!

Metal Music Barnstar

Wiki Books[edit]

Pixar: A Wiki History

Talk Page Templates[edit]

Talk Page Templates

Editing Tools[edit]

This section is more for me than you (for ease of editing away from my personal computer)

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Avoid using neologisms

Neologisms are words and terms that have recently been "coined" and generally do not appear in any dictionary. Avoid using neologisms when creating articles on Wikipedia, unless they are part of the subject being covered and need to be explained (in such a case be sure to define the new words). Neologisms include words made up on the spot, and these should never be used in a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia relies on established English to explain its subjects. It is important that every word in Wikipedia can be understood by those who read it. This ensures that Wikipedia always conveys accessible and meaningful knowledge.

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