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Hi, I'm "Delirium". In real life, I do computer science, specializing in artificial intelligence. Much of my Wikipedia editing relates to my hobby of researching historical figures and events, though I edit in my specialty and related areas now and then as well. It's a bit hard to say where I'm "from", but I've lived in the vicinity of Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Santa Cruz, and Copenhagen, and have spent a good bit of time in Thessaloniki.

Article lists[edit]

A particular interest of mine is in writing articles on people and events from non-English-speaking regions, mostly those of minor to medium importance, i.e. those where a decent article might take between a paragraph and two pages. The main goal is to flesh out (or start building) the article web for areas where its density is currently quite low or almost absent. Not only are many of these people and events, though minor, interesting in themselves; but they help illustrate the contours of a time and place, and provide link scaffolding to more easily add additional articles in that area into the (English) Wikipedia web of knowledge.

For a combination of vanity and organizational purposes, here are some of the articles I've written, and which are still mostly my work the last time I checked:

Other lists