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The future of mathematics editing on Wikipedia[edit]

It seems that the WMF is unable to provide resources for development of mathematics rendering and editing software on Wikipedia and that it will be dependent on volunteer effort at least in the short term. It also seems that WMF leadership and staff are quite happy with this situation. This seems to me quite lamentable, and a sufficiently serious threat to the viability of mathematics content on Wikipedia, that I am now considering whether it is worth considering continuing to contribute here, or whether the mathematics content and contributors would be more at home elsewhere.

Anyone who is interesting in forking the mathematics content, possibly to Encyclopedia of Mathematics is invited to contact me.


  1. Algebraic matroid
  2. Analytic subgroup theorem
  3. Arithmetic number
  4. Barban–Davenport–Halberstam theorem (ß)
  5. Bauerian extension
  6. Biquaternion algebra
  7. Brauer–Wall group
  8. Casas-Alvero conjecture
  9. Critical exponent of a word
  10. Davenport constant
  11. Delone set
  12. Descartes number (ß)
  13. Diamond theorem
  14. Distribution (number theory)
  15. Éléments de mathématique
  16. Fabry gap theorem (ß)
  17. Factor system (ß)
  18. Genus of a quadratic form
  19. Gowers norm
  20. Hasse derivative (ß)
  21. Hasse invariant of an algebra (ß)
  22. Height zeta function
  23. Hilbert field
  24. Hurwitz problem
  25. Irrationality sequence
  26. Kneser's theorem
  27. Kneser's theorem (combinatorics)
  28. Lattice (module)
  29. Lehmer's totient problem‎
  30. Linearised polynomial
  31. Linked field
  32. Local language (formal language)
  33. Mahler's 3/2 problem
  34. Minkowski's second theorem
  35. Minkowski space (number field)
  36. Monoid factorisation
  37. Mordellic variety
  38. Morphic word
  39. Multipartition
  40. Multiplicative sequence (ß)
  41. Mutation (algebra)
  42. Nagao's theorem (ß)
  43. Nevanlinna invariant
  44. Ostrowski numeration
  45. Perfectoid
  46. Potential good reduction
  47. Pseudo-canonical variety
  48. Pythagoras number
  49. Quadratically closed field
  50. Quaternionic structure
  51. Rational series
  52. Ruelle zeta function
  53. Sesquipower
  54. Siegel identity
  55. Spinor genus
  56. Splicing rule
  57. Steinberg symbol
  58. Superelliptic curve
  59. Symbol (mathematics)
  60. Theta group
  61. Turán's method (ß)
  62. U-invariant
  63. Unavoidable pattern
  64. Van der Corput's method (ß)
  65. Weak approximation
  66. Zimmert set