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Welcome to my Page!

Hello. My User name is Dfrg.msc, but my real name is Nicholas or Nick, if you like. I have been a member of Wikipedia for over a year now. I am an inclusionist editor, who believes in discussing most changes on talk pages to minimize conflict. I am a person first and an editor second, so I will make mistakes. Tell me about them, and I'll do my utmost to right any wrongs. Cheers!

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Where I participate

At the moment I'm part of:

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Counter-Vandalism Unit.
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People I miss:

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My Contributions

I contribute in keeping Wikipedia clean and useful by:

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Tool box

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Picture of the Day

Picture of the day
Lake Bonneville

A Pleistocene epoch map showing the extent of pluvial lakes in the northwestern United States, around 17,500 years before present, and directions of outflows, including the flood released by Lake Bonneville. The most recent version of this lake formed about 32,000 years ago, and at its peak it covered an area similar to Lake Michigan today. Contemporary remnants include Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake.

Map: Fallschirmjäger
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RfA Status

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No RfXs since 20:41, 24 August 2014 (UTC).—cyberbot I NotifyOnline

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Today's motto...

My Motto..:

Please Note: This thing never changes.

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