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Welcome to my user page. Please excuse the mess and vomit for now; I will be improving the layout of my userpage one day when I have time, maybe in a few years.

I am a South African and live just outside of Cape Town.

My focus is principally on South African articles, a very under-represented part of Wikipedia. Although my focus is occasionally diverted to video-game related articles, most of my time is spent on tasks related to WikiProject South Africa.

Feel at liberty to drop a line on my discussion page or edit the "to do" list below if you have any particular requests.

WikiProject South Africa[edit]

Articles for deletion
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Proposed deletions
Categories for discussion
Templates for discussion
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Requested moves
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Articles Created[edit]

Some Articles That I Have Improved[edit]


To Do[edit]

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:DiscipleOfKnowledge:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:


    Current projects[edit]

    This includes a list of ongoing and completed projects that I am working on.

    Article Progress Status Sandbox Link
    Incredible Connection Creating article Yes check.svg Done - User:DiscipleOfKnowledge/Sandbox/Incredible Connection
    Luma Arcade (South African video game corporation) Stub Yes check.svg Done -
    Template: Banking in South Africa Creating template X mark.svg Not done - User:DiscipleOfKnowledge/Sandbox/Banking in South Africa
    List of World Heritage Sites in South Africa Get peer review Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress - User:DiscipleOfKnowledge/Sandbox/List of World Heritage Sites in South Africa
    Jobs created during South African presidential terms Creating article Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress - User:DiscipleOfKnowledge/Sandbox/Jobs created during South Africa presidential terms
    Foreign trade of South Africa Creating article Yes check.svg Done -

    User:DiscipleOfKnowledge/Sandbox/Foreign trade of South Africa

    Tourist attractions in South Africa Creating article. Feel free to help Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress -

    User:DiscipleOfKnowledge/Sandbox/Tourist attractions in South Africa

    Allan Gray (company) It lives! Yes check.svg Done -

    User:DiscipleOfKnowledge/Sandbox/Allan Gray (company)

    Future projects[edit]