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Hello. My name is Daniel Myers and I am from Pickering, Ontario. I was born on Tuesday, September 6, 1994 at Centenary Hospital in Scarborough, Ontario, but have always lived in Pickering. I graduated from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in June 2012 and will take the Tourism and Travel program at Centennial College beginning in September 2012. I have been officially diagnosed with autism (with an unofficial specific diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome) and ADHD combined type. I occasionally participate in pro-life demonstrations, but feel that the abortion debate is a Catch-22 because I believe that killing unborn human beings and denying women the right to do what they want with their body are equally bad to do. I hope that one day we will come up with a way that the unborn may be guaranteed the right to life and women can still have the right to their own bodies. I also believe in women's rights, autism rights, and LGBT rights (same-sex marriage, etc.), but so far have not been actively involved in any events in support of these things. I believe that a cure for autism should be found for those with autism spectrum disorders who want to be cured, but that it should not be forced upon them or even particularly encouraged.

My mother's family is Jewish but practises only by celebrating some of the holidays. My father's family is devoutly Catholic. I am officially Jewish as well as a baptized Catholic of the Roman Rite. However, while I believe in most Judæo-Christian values, I do not practise any organized religion other than celebrating some Christian and Jewish holidays and going to Mass the odd time.

From my mother's side I am of Jewish (Ashkenazi from the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia) and Czech ethnicity and from my father's side I am of English, Francophone viking (Scandinavian vikings who settled in Normandy), German, Irish, and Alsace-Lorraine Jewish ethnicity. Going back along my patrlineal line, my ancestors were practising Jews, but stopped practising and became Roman Catholic due to antisemitism in Europe at the time. (Note that Jewish ethnicity and the Jewish religion are only historically synonymous, which means that people can be ethnically Jewish, meaning descended from Jacob, later named Israel, without practising Judaism and vice versa. One can also practise both Judaism and Catholicism if they don't beleive it obligatory to follow the Kosher laws because there is nothing in ancient Jewish tradition stating that Jesus isn't the Messiah.)

I only know how to make minor edits to Wikipedia, but I make a lot of minor edits, mostly to pages concerning musicians, bands, songs, albums, and Google Street View. I occasionally make minor edits to other pages as well.


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