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My username is a reference '40's comic character Doc Strange, and also to the later Marvel Comics character Doctor Strange. I just always thought "Doc" and "Marty" should have gotten together in the end.

As of June 2010, I consider myself to no longer be particularly "active" in Wikipedia, but as of October 2013, I feel that calling myself "semi-retired" is nonsense - I've been editing on-and-off all this time. However, I'm no longer active in internal Wikipedia things like AfD discussions and Recent Change patrolling as I once was.

These recent changes were definitely not "vanalism" Aack!


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Pages I've Created[edit]

Userboxes I've Made[edit]

I have created eleven userboxes as of May 2010. All are for alternative rock bands I personally like and noticed did not have a userbox. These include Silversun Pickups, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys (who do have a userbox, but I created a second one because I didn't much care for the other one and am giving people a second option), Los Campesinos!, New Order, My Bloody Valentine, The Fall, The Smiths, Blur, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and The Cure. I've also made a userbox for the group Hadouken!, who I don't care for, but I felt they needed one. You can check out my userbox handiwork on my userbox subpage.