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About Me[edit]

I am qualified as a mathematician.

I currently work in discrete event simulation.

I am an Australian citizen.

I am interested in mathematics, philosophy, religion/belief, ...

I am philosophically agnostic, in practice I am nontheist, but psychologically (ie: 'in my heart'), I am atheist. I believe these are properties of my beliefs, rather than names for my beliefs. Ie: One could say that I am agnostic, but this only gives a tiny bit of information about my beliefs regarding truth, reality, etc.

I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (now AD/HD) when I was about 10 years old.

I love talking to thoughtful people who have perspectives that are different from my own. Now that I think about it, talking to someone knew, who has a perspective on something that I hadn't encountered before (and can discuss it thoughtfully), is probably one of my greatest thrills.

My blog is: (now pretty much abandoned)

See also: My Edit Count

You can send me an email: Special:Emailuser/DonkeyKong64 (note, this is not my daily email address - I check it every now and then)

Links to Wikipedia articles[edit]

I usually add any articles to my watchlist whenever I think i might want to come back to them. ie: I use my watchlist like a bookmarks list. This makes my watchlist very cluttered, and means that I can't really keep track of changes to the pages that I really want to watch. So, i've decided to list the pages here instead:

Axiomatic set theory | Russell's Paradox

Lp space | Reflexive space | Real Analysis | Functional Analysis

Cantor set | Smith-Volterra-Cantor set

Optimal control

Mathematicians, Philosophers & Scientists
Bertrand Russell | Alan Turing | Leonhard Euler


Philosophy, etc
Agnostic atheism | Philosophical zombie (see also, Zombies (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)) | Münchhausen Trilemma

Political Philosophy

Larry Fleinhardt - (A character from Numbers) | Invisible Pink Unicorn | Nobel Peace Prize | Web 2.0


... Link list is incomplete. I will finish it at some point in the future.

  • I haven't edited this list in years (I think). I just noticed that I have 443 pages in my watchlist. Clearly it's impractical to go through all of them and add them to this section manually. If someone has a JavaScript to provide an in-wiki bookmarking feature (like the watchlist, but just a different list), I would use that, but otherwise I might just have to delete all of those pages that are just in my watchlist as bookmarks. Anyway, I don't have time now. Not that it matters at the moment, because I don't enough time to do any wikipedia editing for the time being anyway. - DonkeyKong64 (Mathematician in training) (talk) 09:54, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

Non-articles on wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Assessment

Links to Wikibooks, Wikiversity, etc. pages[edit]

Wikibooks:Linear Algebra Mayflower - Search engine for Wikimedia Commons

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(Note: "atheist" is not a word for my beliefs, it is a property of my beliefs. I have a complex set of beliefs, one aspect of which is atheism...see Agnostic atheism)

see also: my extended userbox page, which contains other userboxes which apply to me, but which I don't want to clutter up my main user page with.

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