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This editor is a Burba and is entitled to display this First Book of Wikipedia.

About me[edit]

Hopefully I will write more in the near future, but for now, these facts will have to do:

  • I don't smoke (I only smoked three cigarettes one day when I was 13 or 14).
  • I don't drink (I never really liked alcohol, and watching drunk people made me quit permanently before I was 21).
  • I've never done drugs, mushrooms, etc.
  • I don't have any tattoos.
  • I've never had piercings.
  • I've never had intimate relations with someone that I did not intend to marry (sorry for hurting some women's feelings).
  • I believe that hard work, personal responsibility and self-reliance are key values that are declining in America.
  • I am anti-abortion, with very few exceptions.
  • I am anti-illegal immigration, with no exceptions.
  • I believe that all who seek God will find Him.
  • I believe that evil is not inherent to the human condition.
  • I have studied demonology for two decades, including lots of field work.

Thanks for your time...