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I am a lawyer and internal auditor for the US Government. I have moved around a lot and have lived in Maine, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bavaria, and now Maryland. I have a committed identity and I have provided proof of identification to the Wikimedia Foundation[1]

I am Doug on all Wikimedia Foundation projects and on Toolserver Wiki, Wikilivres, and Botwiki. I have been an admin on this project since 20 March 2008 (82-0-0) [2].

I am more involved in Wikisource the past few years where I am involved in several language subdomains, to include: multilingual Wikisource, English Wikisource, Latin Wikisource (Vicifons), German Wikisource, and the French Wikisource. I have done a little work on Commons, mostly working with source texts for Wikisource and I run a bot there. I have done some work on, mostly migrating PyWikipediaBot documentation from Meta. If you need to reach me, the best option is to send me an e-mail or look for me on IRC where I am "Doug__" (or, frequently, "BewareofDoug"). I can be found in the #wikipedia, #wikipedia-en, and #wikipedia-en-admins IRC channels. Make sure to use my user name in IRC in the message or send me a private message, as I am commonly logged in to several channels and may be involved in discussions in another wikimedia project's channel at the time of your message.

I have the doppelgänger account on all projects: User:BewareofDoug, which I do not normally use but which may be used on this project or others where I am an admin if I need to edit as a non-admin for some purpose. I also have two bot accounts (s:User:DougBot and s:de:user:Interwiki-Bot), both are set up to use on Wikisource and neither one has any activity on the English Wikipedia at present, though either may in the future. DougBot also operates on Commons and

I have the following alternate accounts, which were created due to SUL conflicts in order to request usurpation or leave comments on other projects, they may have been accidentally created on other projects including this one due to SUL login, neither account edits anywhere anymore: User:JA Doug a doppelgänger account for the Japanese Wikipedia and Usuario:El Doug, a doppelgänger account for the Spanish Wikipedia.