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This user is a married self-funded retired techo living in Marion, South Australia. He remembers ...

  • When kids played in pugholes and rode pushbikes to school. Real bike tracks on Port Road and Anzac Highway.
  • Cracker night 5 November. Squibs, jumping jacks, penny bungers, Catherine wheels, throwdowns and sparklers so bright they hurt your eyes
  • When South Road had five different names: Shillabeer Ave, Govt. Rd, Taylors Rd, Fisher Tce, South Rd
  • When ABC announcers (and we technical staff) wore a suit and tie and the Adelaide studios were packed into a converted church in Hindmarsh Square.
  • When a bottle of beer (longneck - stubbies were yet to arrive), a packet of Rothmans® and a gallon of Super each cost 3/3d (32c), and a 45RPM single was 9/3d (92c).
  • 6 O'clock closing, men only in the front bar and "under-age" meant under 21.
  • Eight movie theatres in the city: God Save the Queen (everyone stood) then newsreel and two movies.
  • Johnnies, Amscol, Hall's, Woodroofe's, Waltham's and The Hobby Shop on Gawler Place,

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