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The Evil One himself. How long do you reckon the photo will last without an infobox ;-)?
The world's earliest surviving motion-picture film.

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? I first arrived here in early 2005, although I didn't join formally and become very active until June 2006. I'm the founder of the Actors and Filmmakers project and the Historic Houses project. I'm highly interested in films and the history of cinema, and I was responsible for starting the development of a comprehensive guide to films by year and country on wikipedia back in 2007 with lists like American films of 1944 etc which I see as one of the best ways to overview film history on here. I also have a very keen interest in historic architecture, particularly English country houses, old monasteries, grand hotels, and obscure localities around the world. Fascinated in the Himalayas, Buddhism and the Far East, I founded the Tibetan project and also made the Slovenian project an independent one, one of the last European projects to do so. I also established WP:Intertranswiki which aims at least to highlight the importance of translating articles from other wikipedias and vice versa to address systematic bias. I'm generally involved in writing film, jazz, geographical, architectural, and biographical articles on wikipedia, although I'm usually willing to edit anything other than mathematics, computer jargon and US football season articles. These days though I've significantly reduced the amount of work I do on here and tend to focus mainly on film, jazz and architecture and the occasional general cleanup/source improvement.

My main objective on wikipedia, aside from ridiculing the silly time wasters who contribute nothing on here fussing about infoboxes and incivility and battling super arrogant know-it-alls with serious WP:OWN issues, is to address systematic bias. Eventually I want to be able to browse a google map anywhere in the world and the encyclopedia will have a decent and well sourced article, whether it's a city, a mere hamlet, river, island or protected park in some obscure country, or a landmark in a city or town like a town hall, museum, theatre, park etc. Same goes for film-related articles, I'd like eventually to see a very good article on any notable film, actor, or director, not just in American and British cinema, but worldwide. Fortunately in the last few years google have scanned millions of books and more information than ever before can be gleaned from them to write articles on developing world countries, although they're currently only about 1/4th through what they intend scanning (about 130 million books); things can only get better. I hope that given time national archives and major newspapers will open up their resources to us. It's great to see a number of reputable institutions already getting involved with the project and seeing the potential of this resource. The potential is staggering, but this is just the beginning, I'm sure. But a number of problems stand in our way...

In 2015 I joined the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Ingmar Bergman and Marc Chagall when I was awarded the prestigious Erasmus Prize for my services to European culture!

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Featured articles[edit]

I have contributed to 32 FA articles and lists with a varying degree of input, and several more which were promoted at a later date which I wasn't involved in. One of my articles, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, has also been translated into Danish and is a featured article on Danish wikipedia.

Articles which I contributed to which were later taken to FA.

Good articles[edit]

Officially I have contributed significantly to 172 Good Articles (not including articles which were promoted from GA to FA), but I never used to keep track of these "officially" so the figure is actually higher than this. I have begun listing the articles I've contributed to in passing GA since March 2010.

Culture, literature and art[edit]

14 articles


40 articles

Films and actors[edit]

60 articles
26 articles
Featured article James Bond films
Dr No trailer.jpg
Dr. No
From Russia with Love
Casino Royale (1967)
You Only Live Twice
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Diamonds Are Forever
Live and Let Die
The Man with the Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
Never Say Never Again
A View to a Kill
The Living Daylights
Licence to Kill
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World Is Not Enough
Die Another Day
Featured article Casino Royale (2006)
Quantum of Solace

Geography and nature[edit]

40 articles

Miscellaneous biographies and articles[edit]

9 articles


9 articles

As reviewer[edit]

I consider GA to be one of the most important steps in wikipedia development, articles which have formally been reviewed and some form of quality has been met. From July 2011 I have begun reviewing the occasional good article to help with the growing log of articles needing a review. My feeling is that we should be aiming to get every article up to GA status, even if not FA standard. We should be aiming for at least 1 in 50 articles being a good article, At least one in 10 really. 1 in 100 for GA and FA combined I think should be the first milestone to get across, we're currently about 1 in 170. Wikipedia should be largely about trying to make every single article in the encyclopedia of a decent quality. As a reader, I believe there is nothing more important than reading an article which at least indicates it has been reviewed and read over and fully sourced so the information can at least be verified if you doubt it. According to the GAN bot tool I have reviewed 166 articles to date, although I can't recall the 40 odd articles I reviewed before July 2011 when I started this list.

Current GA projects[edit]


Reviews to do[edit]

Did you Know (DYK) and articles[edit]

See User:Dr. Blofeld/DYK and DYK A-Z country challenge


User:Dr. Blofeld/Awards

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see User:Dr. Blofeld/Encyclopedia problems