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Let us update Religion[edit]

ALL who believes in ONE RELIGION – 'HUMANISM'[edit]

: Invitation & Appeal to

Wiki India Project,
Wiki Global Project,
Wiki other countries’ project,

Thank you to come on this page . This is of course your page not mine. I am an English , a non- Indian , studying researching specially on Indian or certain countries Spirituality & Philosophy. I am still trying to learn Hindi but so far could hopelessly read, talk but am learning to understand it. Sorry I can't write Hindi yet.

Presently, I am writing contributing, researching on this project of a poet & philosopher Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra & his sacred scripture Brhmaand Pujan – ‘Universal Prayers’ Any person who believes in universal 'Spirituality-Philosophy of Humanism’ or believes that religion has become absolutely and highly professionalize by religious self certified, self authorized quacks , care takers who frame,fame and float out, all sort of outdated old myths, superstitions without decoding logics could research and analyze here with me in this project.

For instance: We come across various examples from history that -Genuine revolutionary Philanthropists , Poets & Philosophers rarely run or lust out to grab fame & fortune. Seers say- If they do so they are not true angels but as good as same old human like us. Such ‘P’ breed of innovatory preachers are not puppet of any prophet. They are predictors of time, think and act far ahead of time. Always updated. They have guts to act against tide of time. They see far beyond the next coming future. Past for them is history , Future for them is sane sense full creativity . They see fruits of far future , so they sow the seed of new , next revolution in their present, giving us in the form of future ‘present’ (gift)to get carry forward for the next generation.

Revolutionary change come when a seed is sowed. 'One' seed springs out a tree which get many branches.The same carry fruits and the seed is thrown again to decay in waste. But one fine day a seed find a way and again grows into a new formed tree & give fruits for others to eat and benefit for health and happiness. The same is ‘wisdom seed’. More they are ignored or thrown , they never remain alone. The more one try to throw all in waste to decay, some how some day , some or one seed , some where grows , erupts, arose time & again forms into one or many trees, branches, fruits & seeds.

However, and over all if you too possess an idiotic dream like ‘Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra’ that in near future our globe groom up and grow, merging and mingling in ‘One Religion’–said to be ‘Humanism ’ absolutely ignorance-free, illiteracy-free, hatred-free, terror-free , conflict-free, violence-free, enemy-free , disease-free , poverty-free, can come along this open free platform to help these pages to grow up further for the basic welfares of updated modern wisdoms which are the crucial need of the present and future mankind.

And , after reading these pages if ‘research editors contributors’ believe these pages to sustain and grow for ever more. Please go on monitoring , guarding, nominating, voting , supporting , editing , improving, cleaning-up, modifying and beautifying such pages for HUMAN welfare or just wisdom growth of wikipedia’s world that spread knowledge and awareness to the seekers. Please also do see that envy or jealousy don’t sprung here to suppress or dislodge your genius genuine views you share here.

If you have any message for me please leave it on the bottom of my discussion page and not here please. The page invites & belongs to ‘All Contributing Editors’

Thanks & Sincere Regards
Alan Sun

--Dralansun (talk) 17:23, 1 January 2008 (UTC)