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Thorkild C. Bøg-Hansen enjoying view over Lake Mendota, USA, 2003
Crossed immunoelectrophoresis. Analysis of two microlitre af my blood serum showing the major proteins from the immunoglobulins (left) to prealbumin (far right); a.1975. At that time the Protein Laboratory was a significant focal point for quantitative immunoelectrophoresis
Affinity electrophoresis of concanavalin A into an agarose get containing my blood serum (3.6 microliter per square cm). The bar indicates 1 cm. Analysis performed early in the 1970's at the Protein Laboratory

After my retirement from University of Copenhagen, as a part time science teacher at a high school I have used Wikipedia for supplementary material in chemistry, physics, and climate. Mostly I use the Danish Wikipedia, and I soon found out that it was an excellent medium...naturally I had to make a lot of additions and corrections on the way to the classroom. My contributions mainly reflects my scientific and other interests.

On 18 May 2011 I started the Wikipedia page on SS Arosa Kulm. Now someone must add photos. It is a bit of a personal history: I crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the American Field Service as a 17 year old boy to become an exchange student at Hamburg High School in Western New York. The voyage started from Cuxhafen on August 6, 1956 with stops at Zeebrücke and Southampton. In the middle of the Atlantic we experienced the storm of my life and I think I was the most seasick person on that ship. We arrived to America on August 18, 1956 and docked somewhere in New Jersey. I was seasick walking the streets of New York, on top of Empire State Building, in United Nations Building and meeting with Stephen Galatti. I returned to Europe the following year on Arosa Sky (later known as Bianca C) - a somewhat more pleasant voyage. In the time between my sea voyages, I lived with American families, experienced America and met with president Eisenhower and presidents-to-be Kennedy and Johnson.