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New Testament
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This is a navigation box to be placed on the Books of the New Testament.

It contains a link near the bottom for the reader to view the Book that the article is about in BibleGateway.

Usage (how to)[edit]

Book name[edit]

For the search link to work, it should be used in the form: {{Template:Books of the New Testament|book name}}

The name of the the book used should be exactly the same as the one displayed in the template box.

Where there is no number before the name of the book, for example James, simply have the word 'James' in the first parameter of the template. For example:
{{Books of the New Testament|James}}

Where there is a number before the name of the book, like in 1 Timothy, please put the number and name in separate parameters. The space between '1' and 'Timothy' would be replaced with a |, as shown:
{{Books of the New Testament|1|Timothy}}

Special cases[edit]

Custom search text[edit]

Where the template is to be placed on a page that does not have a book name which the search can use, i.e. New Testament, it should be used with the following form:

{{Books of the New Testament|custom|whatever text you want to be displayed, e.g. [ a link to another relevant site].}}

Whatever is in the third parameter will replace the normal "search xxx" link.

No search text[edit]

If you want the template to display without the "search xxx" row at all, use the following:

{{Books of the New Testament|custom|none}}

This will remove the entire "search xxx" row.

Technical info[edit]

Bible version/translation[edit]

The "search xxx" part of the template automatically links to New International Version. To let the reader choose from a list, add a bibleversion=! parameter to the template.

However, it would be best if in general all of these templates linked to the same version. I think that a direct link to one version (rather than a list of choices) is more helpful, as it takes the reader to the passage quickly and directly, and I think that's what most people would want.) (To link to a different version, use the names given here.)

For more information, please see Template:Bibleverse.

<includeonly> tags[edit]

These are included to make the table end when the template is viewed directly.

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