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I, Ghirlandajo, hereby award you this Epic Barnstar for your massive contributions to the Wikipedia coverage of mediaeval art. Keep it up!

I have been here, under another name, since September 2003 and under this name since March 2004. I have been an admin since January 2006.

In general, I am working on the Wikipedia sections concerning medieval art, especially illuminated manuscripts and local (Oklahoma) history. I have also played some with articles associated with birding topics, especiall birding lists. Other interests include history, especially medieval history, birds and birding, nature studies, home-schooling, celtic music, children's literature, and architecture. As an admin right now I most interested in fighting abuse of the Criteria for Speedy Deletion. However if there are other admin tasks you would like for me to perform, please contact me.

On my name: I have noted that in discusions with other users, people don't seem to know how to address me. I originally edited under my actual name. When I decided to change names I switched to what had been my AOL screen name. It was formed by combining the names of two cats I owned Desmond and Gold. However at the time, AOL screen names were limited to 8 characters so Desmond Gold became Dsmdgold. You can call me David, if you like. Just don't call me Dave.

This page and its talk page has been vandalized 8 times.

Towel blue decorativepattern closeup.jpg This user is a certified Towel master.