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Duncan Hull
A picture of Duncan Hull by @psd

Duncan Hull is

The rest of this page links to stuff he sometimes finds useful:

Biographical search tools[edit]

Useful biographical information can sometimes be found at

Doctoral search tools: Piled Higher and Deeper[edit]

Doctoral theses can sometimes be found Piled Higher and Deeper at

Cut 'n' paste citations[edit]

Example citations:

<ref name=microsoft>{{AcademicSearch|1794500}}</ref>

<ref name=acm>{{ACMPortal|id=8014}}</ref>

<ref name=nas>{{Biographical Memoirs|gasser-herbert|Herbert Spencer Gasser}}</ref>

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<ref name=frs>{{cite doi|10.1098/rsbm.2007.0023}}</ref>

<ref name=dblp>{{DBLP|id=Turing:Alan_M=}}</ref>

<ref name=googlescholar>{{GoogleScholar|uMI-tgsAAAAJ}}</ref>

<ref name=book>{{Cite isbn|9780060394363|noedit}}</ref>

<ref name=mactutor>{{MacTutor|id=Kepler|title=Johannes Kepler}}</ref>

<ref name=mathgene>{{MathGenealogy|id=8014}}</ref>

<ref name=scopus>{{Scopus|id=7004528676}}</ref>

<ref name=phd>{{cite thesis |degree=PhD |first=John|last=Smith |title=Hello World |publisher=University of Poppleton |date=2014 |url=|authorlink=John Smith}}</ref>

<ref name=whoswho>{{Who's Who | surname = ROBINSON | othernames = Dame Carol Vivien | id = U4000698 | volume = 2014 | edition = online [[Oxford University Press]]}} {{subscription required}}</ref>

<ref name=web>{{cite web |url= |title= |last1= |first1= |date= |publisher= |archivedate=2014-01-01|archiveurl=}}</ref>

<ref name=royal>{{cite web |url= |title = Library and Archive Catalogue |publisher=The Royal Society |archivedate=2014-01-01 |archiveurl= |location=London}}</ref>

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