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This user supports the Democratic Party of the United States.
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This user believes that communism is an ideal system of government
— in theory.
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Dustin Gayler is a Democrat and any Republican in their right mind would label him liberal. He would like to see a universal Socialist form of government.

He prefers classic rock and epic rock over most forms of music, but can on occasion be found listening to other forms of music. He believes art should be accessible to all - the poor, the rich, the black and the white, not just those who can afford the magnificence of a great piece.

On most online forums or games he takes one of many names (Kal Torak, Talcodes, katcho, or Alcodes, the most-used). Most of his aliases have hidden meanings behind them.


Dustin started programming in javascript (and HTML, if one considers such a thing programming) at the age of twelve. He now can write efficiently in Java and almost always uses the NetBeans IDE.

He wishes, however, that NetBeans would allow the creation of arrays of objects using the visual editor.


Whilst as obviously seen, Dustin enjoys classical rock. He does not, however, dismiss the possibility that another piece of music might be enjoyable. Along with classic rock, he commonly listens to Peter Tchaikovsky and Antonio Vivaldi, and may sometimes even be caught listening to Trance, his former favorite genre.

Dustin has, in the past, played Viola, but would probably do utterly terrible if ever he should attempt playing again.

Pop Culture[edit]

He thinks most objects of popular culture are over rated to ugly extremes. His biggest example is Family Guy, and while this makes people think he hates the show, he tries to explain that, indeed, he can find the show enjoyable at times.

However, this does not hold true with his second biggest example, the (in)famous iPod!

Why The T?[edit]

Many people have questioned Dustin on why he uses the name talcodes instead of Alcodes, chiefly on RuneScape. This is because on RuneScape he made an account a long time ago to just mess around. He then wished to play again and forgot the password. Disliking numbers, he chose Noobcodes over Alcodes, and it stuck. He now uses this in some of his email addresses as well as on a few (usually RuneScape-related) forums.

Articles Created[edit]

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His website is located here, although recently he has switched hosts from mybesthost to awardspace. His old website is located here, and may contain out-of-date information.

He has considered starting a blog, but finds no realistic reasons to do so.