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Welcome to my world! I am the Dutchman In Disguise. Even though many of my ancestors were Dutch, I don't use that language, but contribute to Wikipedia in English, in Spanish and in several other languages. Unlike some Wikipedists, I have a life beyond Wikipedia, and only make occasional contributions about things which interest, or annoy, me.

My contributions in English[edit]


I either created, or was responsible for much of the text, of the following articles:

  • Dutch-American history:
    • Charles Winans Chipp, American naval officer and Arctic explorer
    • Cornelis Melyn, early Dutch-American settler and leader – my first attempt at an article
    • Winans, just an index of various persons with this Dutch surname who have Wikipedia articles; this is known as a disambiguation page in Wikispeak!


I also do a lot of trivial edits and corrections (wrong links, missing links, typos and grammar errors really bug me):


Not long ago, I was vacationing in the beautiful town of Carlsbad, California. I happened to see a plaque along a street there commemorating the beach city's sister city relationship with some Czech town. It took a lot of reading and research before I figured out that the strangely-named (to my Anglo ears) town is the place that I used to hear of as Carlsbad or Karlsbad.

My curiosity aroused, I did some wiki-browsing and discovered that a lot of articles contained links to plain old Karlsbad, but failed to distinguish between the Karlovy Vary version of that name and a small town in Germany with the same name. There were also a bunch of links to plain old Carlsbad which were put in wiki articles by incompetent or careless editors. The links took you to a "disambiguation page" which left it up to your imagination which town the editor really meant. I've tried to remedy this situation whenever I've had a few minutes to kill and could figure out which town an article was talking about — the one in Bohemia? in California? in Baden? in New Mexico? I hope I've guessed correctly while making these corrections.


15 Feb 2013, I scooped the world, sort of, in Wikipedia's coverage of the 2013 Russian meteor event. At 0633 GMT, after hearing the early news reports, I added a paragraph entitled Meteor shower to the Chelyabinsk article. Well, to be completely truthful, Edward Vielmetti had already wondered about it on the Chelyabinsk talk page 49 minutes earlier. Y para decir la verdad, un usuario anónimo agregó un párrafo al artículo en español unos siete minutos antes de mi cambio al artículo en inglés. Y es posible que habían contribuciones en otros idiomas aún más temprano que éstas.


Duke Ellington once said something like "you can't put cats in categories", and I find Wikipedia categories to be a huge nuisance. Far too much time is spent creating them and putting people in them and debating about who should, or should not, be in this or that category.


some stuff I'm working on

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