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"Drought Conditions"
The West Wing episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 126
Directed by Alex Graves
Written by Debora Cahn
Production code 2T5016
Original air date February 23, 2005
Guest actors
List of The West Wing episodes

"Drought Conditions" is episode 126 of The West Wing.


The loss of Josh Lyman to the Santos campaign has left the West Wing staff noticeably shorthanded. Meanwhile, a bill to combat drought conditions in the western U.S. presents problems for C.J., particularly in dealing with lobbyist Clifford Calley – whom Leo suggests as a replacement for Josh.

Reporter Greg Brock investigates the possibility of the White House secretly supporting one of the presidential candidates. Senator Rafferty, a new contender, garners media attention with a ground-breaking speech, her words echoing President Bartlet's original health care plan known only to White House insiders. Asked about this, Toby, who since the recent death of his brother has been even more morose than usual, confronts Josh with his feelings of betrayal over Josh leaving. Their heated argument escalates into a short brawl. In the aftermath, Toby confesses to C.J. that his brother didn't die of cancer, but committed suicide – just “walking away” and leaving his loved ones behind.

When Charlie tells Kate Harper that a man from his gym – who, eventually, turns out to be her ex-husband – asked about her, she's unsure if she's ready to date again, but seems to be attracted to Will Bailey.

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