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So like - this right here is me in the Apple Store.
I'm an active vandal fighter and i'm ready to revert vandalism once I see it.


Hello my name is Dwayne (referred as to Duhwayne on IRC freenode & Wikia), I am a reviewer & rollbacker here on the English Wikipedia. I'm also the coordinator/founder of WikiProject Microsoft. I registered this account on August 23rd, 2008 (not to mention that I vanished for a year after I registered, and returned in 2009). I also have an alternate account as GhettoFinger (talk · contribs). My primary concerns on Wikipedia are improving school & technology related articles, dealing with everyday vandalism, and referencing BLP's. I am currently working on creating school articles and I am expanding and doing clean up on certain technology related articles. I am currently working with the Apple Inc. project with expanding, copyediting etc. I've also joined the Counter-Vandalism Unit because I'm obsessed with reverting vandalism on the encyclopedia. Most of you already know that I'm an Wikipedia Online Ambassador and I'm willing to help anyone who needs it. In the future I plan to pursue a career In the technology industry due to my outstanding talent in computers; specifically, I'd like to become a CyberCrime/Computer Forensics Investigator. In real life, I'm a hardworking high school student & a part-time employee somewhere. Therefore, it is strictly impossible for me to be here on Wikipedia editing on a daily basis - I would need the time. However, I do login on a daily basis to only check for updates on things I'm keeping an eye on or talk page messages.

People please;

  • Leave any questions, comments or concerns you may have about my edits on my talk page (please keep it civil, all non-civil queries will be removed to prevent turning my talk page into a battleground)
  • Rookie Editors - feel free to contact me for anything you may need, as I am always in the mood for helping out newer editors.
  • E-mail me if I do not reply to your query on my talk page, I check my email non-stop and you may just get a quicker response just by emailing me. I would definitely recommend doing this if I'm on a wikibreak.
  • Place an appropriate subject in the subject line if you plan on emailing me. Make sure you erase Wikipedia E-mail and replace it with something more catchy so it grabs my attention. Most of the time, I wont read emails that do not contain a subject.

I'm a regular contributor to Wikia, just like so many others on here.

  • I also love programming and web designing, nothing makes me more happier. I also decided to create my very own wiki site. That's just a little project Im working on for now but It's not really completed. In the future I plan to work for Apple Inc or Microsoft, but I heard its kind of hard to get employed by both of these companies, but it wouldn't hurt to try though.

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