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Studio album by Geoff Tate
Released Early 2014[1][2]
Genre Rock
Language English
Label Deadline
Producer Jason Slater

Untitled is a forthcoming first part of a concept album trilogy by Geoff Tate, involving virtual currencies, internet banking and stock trading.[1] It is yet unknown whether it will become his third solo album, the second album by Geoff Tate's version of the American progressive heavy metal band Queensrÿche after Tate was expelled by his former bandmates from the original band, or under another moniker.[1] In the case it is released as a Queensrÿche album, it is also the tentative fourteenth studio album in the event that Tate is awarded the rights to the Queensrÿche trademark following a settlement or judgement in court. Tate hopes to have it recorded and released in early 2014.[1][2]


Tate's previous project, Frequency Unknown, was released on April 23, 2013 to mostly negative critical reviews, predominantly panning the album's rushed songwriting and poor mixing/remixing. The album distinguished itself through having many guest appearances from guitarists providing a solo.[3] Tate is planning to continue collaborating with a multitude of people, saying: "I like working with, you know, in a collaborative sense, with different people. And I don't ever want to be in a band again. A "band"-band that sticks together through thick and thin and all that, you know. I've already done that. I want to work with different groups of people. And I want to constantly be changing it up to make it interesting and different. And I want to play with as many great players as I possibly can. Because I can, you know. I can call up K. K. Downing and say, 'Kenneth, hey, you got time two weeks in November to play a short tour?' You know, I can do that."[1]

Even before the album's release, on April 17, 2013, Tate announced that he will "probably start on another record here soon. I'm kind of feeling it already. Got some ideas, and so, hopefully... This summer, we have a short break in touring, I can hit the studio and start throwing down some ideas."[4] He originally hoped to release it in late 2013.[5][6]

On May 28, 2013, he elaborated: "I'm working on a brand new album that I started about a month ago. I have another one that is probably about a quarter of the way completed that will probably be released in 2014."[7] It was originally intended to be recorded starting October 2013: "When the tour ends sometime in October, then we’ll hit the studio and start recording."[5] In November 2013, however, recording had not started yet, with Tate explaining: "I don’t really know where I’m at with it. I’m in bulk writing mode where I write every day and put ideas down in a rough form and typically I’ll go back after a few months of doing that and see what I have and then piece together an album out of good ideas that I’ve got recorded."[8]

The album is intended to be "a conceptual piece. It’s pretty darned involved."[8] Tate came up with the storyline while he was in Singapore in early June (he returned June 10),[9] describing it as "an international story; it's set in a number of different countries throughout the world. And it has some central characters, who are involved with an international incident. And some of it has to do with virtual currencies and internet banking and stock trading."[1]

He has also explained that: "it's a trilogy, it's three albums that all relate to each other. It's a story, and it's something I've been working on for quite a long time, and finally in the position to, you know, do it now."[1] Tate plans to release the three albums with six months in between each album.[1] This goes hand in hand with Tate's desire to increase his output, saying: "Personally, I would like to release a new record every six months",[7] and: "My goal is to write albums, to put them out without a lot of time going by",[1] because: "It's such an interesting time we live in right now; so much happening, so much going on, politically, socially. We're in this amazing time of change. We're all coming together, because our communication stream is so exact now, you know. Major changes happening, and I want to talk about that. I don't want to wait two years to put out a record."[6]

Tate had already begun writing music for it in early June.[6] He explains the writing process as: "What I’m doing is basically setting the story to music and trying to tell it in a musical fashion. So it’s long and involved and very in-depth. The beauty of it is that I’m not under any time constraints to finish it. So I can work on it when I feel moved to work on it, you know. And I can work at my own pace, which is a great feeling, and not have a deadline looming over my head."[8] According to Tate, it is too early to tell if it is suitable to take out on the road, with theatrical elements added to it, but that it is quite probable.[8]


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