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Ed Summers

I am a software developer working at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities. I'm interested in issues related to the Software Engineering, Programming Languages, the Library, the Archive, Digital Curation and the World Wide Web. Please get in touch with me here or via email if you have any questions about my editing, especially if you think it conflicts with my employment at MITH.

I'm the creator of Linkypedia which is a webapp for monitoring how Wikipedians cite resources published by libraries, archives and museums. I also made Wikistream which is a webapp that helps you visualize real time editing activity on the major language Wikipedias. And I created Wikipulse to visualize edits per minute on major language Wikipedias. Oh, and I created anon which tweets anonymous edits to Wikipedia from particular IP address ranges. The software was used to create the CongressEdits bot, among others.

More about me can be found on my personal website. You can follow me on Twitter as edsu. I try to put all of my software experiments up on Github, where you are welcome to send me pull requests.