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Hello. My name is Edward, and I live in London. On Wikipedia, I'm mainly a content creator, adding cited content to articles and starting new ones. Someone once said that my interests on Wikipedia are "beer, ballet and billionaires". Perhaps, but really just three from a long list. I also take plenty of photos for Wikimedia Commons, mostly of the "that's better than no image at all" variety, but standards are slowly rising. I even won an award in 2014's Wiki Loves Monuments. And I enjoy training others in how to edit Wikipedia. Not forgetting, I'm chair of Wikimedia UK's Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) committee.

DYK collaborators sought[edit]

I'm quite active in "Did You Know..." these days, and am keen to involve others. Please do try to help with these, and in turn you'll be most welcome to a DYK co-credit:

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Some of the evnts where I have been a trainer:

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