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I am a female San Francisco bay area Wikipedian with a background in linguistics. As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley I lived in the Berkeley Student Cooperatives, a network of student housing co-ops, in which I developed a passion for cooperatives and intentional communities. I worked for a number of semesters as my house's Garden Manager, promoting my enthusiasm for the recursive beauty of succulents.


I studied in Barcelona my junior year, and began editing on Wikipedia as a way to practice my language skills in Spanish and Catalan. In 2012, UC Berkeley hired me to edit Wikipedia articles related to the university. You can learn about that here.

You can find me hanging out at Sudo Room, a downtown Oakland hackerspace, or LOL, a people of color, queer folk and women-led hackerspace in east Oakland. I study programming, volunteer for Oakland Wiki, organize events and do a number of other things there.

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Articles I've created or worked on substantially[edit]


Check out my coverage of San Diego-Tijuana, Spain and the San Francisco Bay Area on Commons.

Servilletas sevillanas: paper art a friend of mine and I created at a bar in Spain.

♥ (I love these articles!)[edit]

Dream projects[edit]

Projects I am working on or would like to work on...

  • Urban Adamah: a progressive Jewish urban farm located in Berkeley, CA.
  • Simultaneous content creation on local Oakland history for Oakland Wiki and Wikipedia.