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I had originally chosen, consciously, not to introduce myself here. The reasoning was that Wikipedia is a collaborative project where no one owns anything, and therefore my identity did not matter. My name, "Egern", is deliberately chosen to be anonymous and meaningless (it comes from the Danish word for "squirrel", and means absolutely nothing.)

That being said, I have managed to let bits of personal information slip out in some of the /Talk discussions here, so I am not as quite anonymous as I had originally intended. I don't think I realized when I first started participating here how essential the /Talk sections are to the development of articles here, and the collaborative process. I, of course, realize this now.

However, I am currently on indefinite hiatus from editing articles here, although I have popped into some /Talk discussions. I will probably try to ease out of the /Talk discussions also. I may or may not return to participating actively in this project, but for now I am lying low and staying out of making any direct changes to articles.