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Born March 23 1997
Kobe City, Hyogo, Japan
Residence Burnaby, BC, Canada
Nationality Chinese
Other names Math Girl, That Kid Who Sits Around Editing Wikipedia (TKWSEW)
Education Up to fifth grade and continuing
Occupation Student, weirdo
Known for Being annoying (according to Misscutie27)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Superfamily: Hominoidea
Family: Hominidae
Subfamily: Homininae
Tribe: Hominini
Genus: Homo
Species: H. studentia wikipediens
Userboxes. Um, yeah. Just userboxes. JUST USERBOXES!
ubx This user uses userboxes.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This little tag you are reading is a userbox.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This user recently discovered how to use userboxes.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This user believes in Userboxes
1, 2, 3... This userbox is a test. Please tell this user if you don't see it.
UBX This user hopes you read each and every one of her userboxes! or else...
Crystal kthememgr.svg
This is a very small userbox.
Smiley.svg This user is friends with Misscutie27.
Flag of Canada merged with the Flag of China (2-1).jpg 此用戶是华裔加拿大人
This user is Chinese Canadian.
Flag of British Columbia.svg This user is a Wikipedian in British Columbia.
GO BARRACUDAS! This user lives in Burnaby.
Orange Maple Leaf.svg This user supports the New Democratic Party.
NDP BC.png This user supports the BC NDP.
Mars Hubble.jpg This user would like to vacation on Mars (one day).
Baby of the Family This user is the youngest of 2 sisters, and often complains about it.
Wikipedia-logo.png This user has been a member of Wikipedia since Thurs. Sept. 27, 2007.
its & it’s This user understands the difference between its and it’s. So should you.
FR for Futurama Userbox.svg Good news, everyone! This user is a fan of Futurama!
Admin mop question.svg This user is not a Wikipedia administrator but would like to be one someday.
FG This user thinks Family Guy is freakin' sweet.
Bill Clinton.jpg This user was born during the Clinton administration.

This user has a really lame password.
Seriously, you could probably guess it.
But don't.

OP8 This user is from Omicron Persei VIII.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a Wikipedian.
V This user adheres to the philosophy that an edit a day keeps the vandals at bay.
delu This editor is a delusionist.
incr This editor is an incrementalist.
Flexible This user deals with edits, deletion, and creation of pages individually instead of unilaterally and encourages others to do so.
☹ This user feels that deletions subject to a popularity contest rather than a verifiability test damage Wikipedia more than any userbox ever could.
Nuvola apps cache.svg Warning to Vandals: This user is equipped with Lupin's Anti-vandal tool.
G This user does not like Mondays.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.png This user enjoys rock music.
Coca-Cola logo.svg This user drinks Coca-Cola.
P This user drinks Pepsi.
AP This user doesn't speak freaky-deaky Dutch!
Butterfly rainbow colored.png This user uses MSN Hotmail as a primary email service.
700+ This user has made over 700 contributions to Wikipedia.
Nuvola apps important.svg This user has more User talk edits than Mainspace edits because this user warns vandals.
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg This userbox is in memory of Wei Wenhua.
Name This user's name is not going to be revealed that easily.
Pizza.svg This user loves to eat pizza.
Mediocre Editing.gif This user is a mediocre+ Editor.
d'oh! This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.png This user enjoys rock music.
Original Barnstar.png This user has been awarded no Barnstars on Wikipedia.
Steinway Schriftzug.jpg This user plays the piano.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user loves using Google Earth.
Wikipedia-logo.png This user trusts Wikipedia as a reliable source.
Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
Wikipe-tan mopping.png This user enjoys cleaning up vandalism.
tools This user reverts vandalism manually, without the help of any tools such as Twinkle.
AddLinks.jpg This user believes that adding relevant links is never a bad thing
Television.svg This user has a television set.
G This user's favorite color is green.
Bender Bite this user's
shiny metal ass!
Nintendo ds.png This user prefers the DS Lite over the Original DS
Is human. This user is a member of the Grammar WikiProject.
Swiss cheese cubes.jpg This user eats cheese.
17 This Wikipedian is 17 years, 8 months, and 28 days old.
he or she
This user considers the singular they to be substandard English usage.
... in. Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which this user will not put.
Nuvola apps ksysv.png
This user passed GO!
(…so where is my $200?)
A, B, and C This user prefers the serial comma.
Scrubs This user is the world's most giant doctor.
mwhahaha! This user is evil, and frequently says mwhahaha!
HP This user is a Harry Potter fan.
Star of life.svg This user scored 180014 on the Wikipediholic test.
Win-like-userbox.svg This user uses Windows XP.
Icon - Blue globe with a gold orbit.png This user contributes using
Internet Explorer 7
Pluto-map-hs-2010-06-b90.jpg This user misses Pluto. May its planethood rest in peace.
This user is made out of Carbon.
... This user may get around to being a professional procrastinator. Someday. Maybe.
Plato-raphael.jpg This user is an academic.
cvg-3 This user is an advanced gamer.
gk This user is a geek.
This user was born in the year of the Ox. Oxen.svg
M This user is a muggle.
FUTU.svg This user is glad that Futurama is back on the air.
Gcalctool.svg This user loves calculators.
:( This user provides information using userboxes because he or she is bored.
LE-0 This individual still maintains a shred of dignity in this insane world by adhering to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation.
Dinnermealicon.JPG This user is an omnivore.
Wikiball.svg This user is a Pokémon fan.
Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
Peace symbol.svg This user does not understand mean people. Please be nice.
Be bold.png This user is bold, but not reckless, in updating pages.
Stilles Mineralwasser.jpg This user drinks water regularly.
  This user is an evil Decepticon.
Bluelighs black.png
This user is a Jedi.
Fighting lightsabres.jpg This user is interested in the belief that there is no light or dark side of the Force, but only a single Unifying Force.
WIB? This user knows that the question is: Will It Blend?
Aries.svg This user is an Aries.
Userbox love.svg This user loves userboxes.
“,;:’ This user is a punctuation stickler.
Mmm, userboxes This user thinks that more Wikipedians would like userboxes if they were edible.
Letter Pi.svg
Pi ≈ 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679 82148 08651 32823 06647 09384 46095 50582 23172 53594 08128 48111 74502 84102 70193 85211 05559 64462 29489 54930 38196 44288 10975 66593 34461 28475 64823 37867 83165 27120 19091 45648 56692 34603 86104 54326 64821 33936 07260 24914 12737 24587 00660 63155 81748 81520 92096 28292 54091 71536 43678 92590 36001 13305 30548 82046 65213 84146 95194 15116 09...
wiki-2 This user is an intermediate Wikipedia editor.
User:Chris G/Userboxes/wiki-N
LimeWire.png This user uses LimeWire
Sciences humaines.svg This user loves knowledge.
IQ This user's Intelligence Quotient is 150.
G This user likes Gundam, and wishes to become a Mobile Suit pilot
This contributor to Wikipedia is a female.
This user is nearsighted.
Paullusmagnus-logo.JPG This user spends WAY too much time on Wikipedia and really needs to get off the computer... after one more edit.

Template:User Quotation-Mark Abusee

NES-Console.jpg This user still enjoys playing
games on the NES.
Sega-Saturn-Console-Set-Mk1.jpg For this user, the Sega Saturn was definitely not ill-fated!
SNES 800.jpg This user feels that the SNES or Super Famicom was the last great console.
Wii console.png This user prefers the Wii.
This user still enjoys the
Nintendo 64
Nintendo This user supports Nintendo.
Nicolas P. Rougier's rendering of the human brain.png This user's Brain Age is 27.
YouTube-like logo.png This user has a channel on YouTube.
G This user prefers Google over Yahoo! . Y

User:Compwhizii/UBX/User quizilla

Brain animated color nevit.gif This user does not contribute by using a web browser. Rather, they upload material directly to the internet by using the awesome power of their mind.

BB This user contributes using a broadband connection.
XD This user is interested in comedy, and may enjoy writing or performing it.
Laff alert.svg This user is NOT known for taking themself too seriously.
ALL This user is a fan of all kinds of comedy.
Atkinson Rowan.jpg The user is a SUPER FAN of
Mr. Bean.
Pizza.jpg This user prefers pepperoni pizza.
Cancer pagurus.jpg This user loves crab.
GreenEggsAndHam.JPG This user DOES like Green Eggs and Ham.
Kartoffelchips-1.jpg This user eats potato chips.
Malus-Danziger-Kantapfel.jpg This user eats apples.
Granny smith apple.jpg This user eats Granny Smith apples.
Watermelon seedless.jpg This user eats watermelon.
Tomaten im Supermarktregal.jpg This user believes that tomatoes are fruits.
Potatoes.jpg This user absolutely positively LOVES potato skins

Bacon.JPG This user loves bacon !
Gummy menagerie.jpg This user is absolutely obssessed with sour gummy worms!
Soymilk can and glass.jpg This user drinks soy milk.
ginger ale This user drinks ginger ale.
A&W This user loves A&W Root Beer
This user drinks Jones Soda.
Sprite bottle.JPG
This user likes both kinds of sprites: video games and drinks.
MountainDew-70s.svg This user drinks Mountain Dew.
Granny smith apple.jpg This user drinks cider.
Burger King Whopper Combo.jpg This user eats at Burger King.
Sudoku-by-L2G-20050714.svg This user is a Sudoku addict.
ChessSet.jpg This user hasn't defeated Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue with a row of pawns and a bishop, but he/she probably could if he/she had the opportunity!
Applications-games.svg This user enjoys playing Big 2.
a²+b²=c² This user is an intermediate mathematician.
This user knows by heart the first 5 digits in the decimal representation of pi.
Tesseract.gif This user enjoys thinking in Four Dimensions.
TrefoilKnot 01.svg This user loves getting tangled up in Knot theory.
\sqrt{2} This user knows how to prove that the square root of two is irrational.
This user knows how to
Find X
Roessler attractor.png This user has a keen interest in mathematics.
SI This user uses the metric system and loves it. Nuvola apps package favorite.svg
5+5=10 This user likes decimal.
ax2+bx+c=0 This user likes algebra.
Triangle.TrigArea.svg This user likes geometry.
choir This user sings in a choir.
Guitarhero-controller.jpg This user is a Guitar Hero, which is way more impressive than real guitar.
Note Dsharp7 cord.PNG
This user knows advanced
music theory.
band-3 This user likes Nirvana.
band-3 This user likes The Beatles.
band-3 This user likes My Chemical Romance.
band-2 This user listens to Van Halen.
fan-3 This user loves Weird Al Yankovic.
song-3 This user's favorite song is "Confessions Part III" by Weird Al Yankovic.
Stratocaster detail DSC06937.jpg This user likes grunge music.
No God.svg This user is an atheist.
Face-smile.svg This user listens to comedy music.
Zeichen 237.svg This user just LOVES to cycle!
Swimming pictogram.svg This user is a swimmer.
Basketball.png This user plays basketball.
Bowling ball and pins.jpg This user loves to bowl but would love to get more strikes.
Golfball ingrass.gif This user plays golf.
Green This user loves the color green.
Orange This user loves the colour orange.
snkd This user says sneaked.
This user thinks that too many people have no idea how to use words that they should have learned in grade two.
who(m) This user uses either who or whom in the object case.
which & that This user knows how to use which and that correctly.
if & whether This user knows how to use "if" and "whether" correctly.
than / then This user understands the difference between using "than" and "then."
their / there / they're This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!
your/ you’re This user thinks that if your grammar is incorrect, then you’re in need of help.
You and Me This user thinks that if you believe it is incorrect to use "you and me" as the object of a sentence, a little talk needs to be had by you and me...
Wheaties, Cheerios, and Rice Chex This user prefers the cereal comma.
No ellipsis abuse.png This user terminates unquoted ellipses on sight. This is not your blog. We end sentences properly.
“…” This user favours typographic quotation marks over typewriter style.
"..!" This user believes that punctuation should always come on the inside of Quotation marks
; This user is addicted to semicolons; he or she uses them frequently.
ə This user is a Grammar Nazi.


Pickyness Pickiness This user changes the adjective ending "y" to "i" to form nouns with "-ness".
Open book 01.svg This user enjoys reading fiction.
Open book 01.png "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." - Anonymous
Nuvola apps bookcase.svg This user is a book lover.
Humour mouth.png This user enjoys reading humorous literature.
Wikignome crop.gif This editor is a WikiGnome.
This user enjoys reading Fantasy.
User:James.S/Userboxes/User loves CSL
Shakespeare.jpg This user believes that "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players".
ASoUE This user enjoys A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Narnia This user loves The Chronicles of Narnia.
R This user is a Ravenclaw.
This user is an Animagus.
A This user is an Auror.
O.W.L This user passed their O.W.Ls.
DADA O This user received an O on her Defence Against the Dark Arts OWL.
Potions O This user received an O on her Potions OWL.
Trans E This user received an E on her Transfiguration OWL.
HERB O This user received an O on her Herbology OWL.
Open book 01.svg This user writes short stories.
Spielberg This user thinks Steven Spielberg is the greatest director of all time.
Pixar This user likes Pixar and their films.
Gone with the Wind Frankly my dear, this user doesn't give a damn.
DIE! This user has a Blade of Awe, is trained, and is not afraid to use it.
CoN You're here because this user turned you in... for sweeties.
Woohoo! This user thought that The Simpsons Movie was better than ten Super Bowls!
This is this user's best friend.
This user owns these lightsabers.
LightSabers OrgYel.jpg
This user does own these lightsabers, even though they never appear in the movies. Gwahaha!
  This user loves to watch America's Stupidest Idiots on AFV.
Caerulea3 crop.jpg Kermit is this user's hero.
This user secretly wants to be the Green Power Ranger.
Bart This user wants you to "Eat my shorts!"
SMITE2.gif This user is a paladin.
PROFESSOR HUBERT FARNSWORTH This user would never hurl you into the sun unless you were already having been going to do that!
Exquisite-thunderbird2-Negative.png This user's Patronus is a stingray.
Wijsvinger.jpg This user is not afraid of the Evil Monkey.
Opr This user is interested in Oprahism, a mainstream religion in the year 3000.
Suite Life This user is a fan of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.
CCCCC Co co-co co co co-co-co-co-co co.
WILT This user apologizes and asks if that's O.K. WAY too much.
  This user is a ninja, with dominion over everything totally sweet.
Fr This user is a fan of Friends.
70s This user thinks anyone who doesn't like That '70s Show is a dumbass.
CTV This user watches CTV.
^_^ This user watches anime.
*_* This user loves anime.
^_^ This user reads manga.
*_* This user loves manga.
This user prefers to watch
his/her anime dubbed.
nin-3 This user is a Jōnin.
1-8 note quaver (music).svg This user is a Sound Villager.
忍者 This user lives by his/her own Way of The Ninja.
This user is a fan of Monkey D. Luffy.
Wikiball.svg This user wants to capture a Pokémon.

Pika! This user has gotta catch 'em all.
No sign.svg This user knows that PKMN does not mean Pikmin, Pink Monkey, or any other silly, worthless thing that you can think of. It only has one true meaning.
This user acknowledges that Dragon Ball Z will never be as good as Pokémon.
M Wild Missingno. appeared!
(-o-) This user plays the Pokémon RPGs and other related video games.
#493 This user is a Pokémon Creationist and believes that Arceus is the creator.
#151 This user is a Pokémon Evolutionist and believes that Mew is the origin.
N (+PS) (+XBOX) This user believes that Pokémon video games should remain exclusive to Nintendo consoles.
BLUES This person favours Blues.EXE as his/her NetNavi
Shin-chan This user is a fan of Crayon Shin-chan.
CCS This user is like Tomoyo; he/she likes Sakura to bits.
遊戯王 This user is prepared to duel.
In school This user is in school.
Fantastic Brain This user can't stop thinking.
:) This user is happy.
Face-smile-big.svg This user is a jokester or comedian.
This user is polite and expects others to act accordingly.
This user believes they are unique, just like everybody else. =]
;..; This user is a vampire and vants to suck your blood. BLEH!
|\|0 This user is 133+$p33k!|\|g!!!
Encyclobox This is an Encyclobox. Wikipedia-logo.png
Mad scientist.svg This user knows that their userboxes are disorganised but has decided that they don't really care.
Crystal package.png This user needs more userboxes. MORE, I tell you, more!!! Muhahaha!
Too many userboxes This user may have too many userboxes ... nah, no way!!
en This user is a native speaker of English.
en-5 This user can contribute with a professional level of English.
ja-1 この利用者は少しだけ日本語ができます。
fr-1 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.
pgl Isthay useryay isyay anyay activeyay eakerspay ofyay Igpay Atinlay.
pig-5 Isthay useryay ancay ontributecay Igpay Atinlay atyay ayay ofessionalpray evellay.
cmn 這個用戶的母語官話
This user can speak Canadian English.
IntS-4 Tihs tweedler uses über Internet slang that will pwn you.
Ubbi-N Thubis ubusuber spuboke Ububbubi Dububbubi ubin thube hubome wubith thubeir pubarubants whubile grubowubing ubup.
Ubbi-5 Thubis ubusuber gubets pubaid tubo spubeak Ububbubi Dububbubi, uband ubis mubost lubikeluby ubeithuber Bubill Cubosbuby ubor uba mubembuber ubof thube cubast ubon Zuboom.
gb-5 Mea-gufaaw bee gee, op ada bee gee bee gee, en a wooka-dis now!
gb-n Dsh uuzzr ízzzá nããããæætívvv speekrrróv Gbrsh.
dlph-5 Sreeee ack oork ee'urrr sque'ek eer.
dlph-N Sree'ook kkkk'kk eee ack.
sar-3 This user is an advanced speaker of sarcasm.
sar-N This user is a native speaker of sarcasm. Isn't that just great?
Smiley green alien whatface.svg ᐸᔕᖘᘔ ᐯᖗ᙭ ᐁᑕᒉᕠᖙ: ᙭ᖘᕟ ᘕᕒ ᑕᒉᕠ: ᔕᖘᘔᒉᕠ
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This is my user page. Do you think I'm using too many links?


My Userboxes[edit]

So you can probably tell that my user page consists mostly of userboxes. Yeah. So, um, you can browse them now.

Secret Page[edit]

I have a secret page. It is linked somewhere around here...


Motto of the day[edit]

Committed identity: 1e89d3a6ad56c9799ae8b6bccb2d456c9e5a83ea is a SHA-1 commitment to this user's real-life identity.