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About Me[edit]

My name is Matt and I am an American living in Adelaide. I have been a user on Wikipedia since July 2005. I am one of the members of the Wikipedia Project Adelaide. I've been recently working on cleaning up the Futurama episode articles. I've set up many articles including the Silent Hill game articles articles and am a member on the Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce for video game section.

My Edits[edit]

My Goals[edit]

My goals on Wikipedia are to set up or clean up articles based on films, video games or biographies on Russian people. I have achieved some of these in the articles below. :)

Articles Created By Me[edit]

[[Image:NonFreeImageRemoved.svg -->|230pix|thumb|My favorite film Resident Evil]] I have created the following articles.


Articles I Created[edit]

Location Articles[edit]

Music Articles[edit]


Edit Count[edit]

You can look at my edit count here.

Future Articles[edit]

The following articles I plan to create sometime in the near future.

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