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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Genius (no, not really, it's Sun)(it's not that either.)so it's one of the top 10 Chinese surnames. Why do you want to know? Hint: It's #9 on that list..
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— Wikipedian  —
Sun Wukong, who I probably am
Sun Wukong, who I probably am
Name Epicgenius
Born New York City, New York
Country  United States
Current location (fill in blank)
Languages see Babel box
Time zone UTC-5
IQ 160
Family and friends
Spouse no
Children no
Siblings 3 younger siblings
Pets no
Epicgenius/Userpage subpages

see here

Account statistics
Joined 9 November 2012
First edit 24 November 2012
Account Creator no
File Mover no
Administrator no
Bureaucrat no
Check User no
Overseer no
Edit count at least 0.9999999999
Permissions why?
Signature see User:Epicgenius/signatures


What's up? I go by the name Epicgenius on Wikipedia, though you can call me "Epic" or "EG" for short (or anything that incorporates significant parts of my name that will get my attention…)[citation needed]. I am actually Chinese in real life[citation is urgently needed, but apparently it is hidden somewhere], and currently live somewhere that is cooler than where you live, even if you live where I live.[1]

The following is a really exaggerated history of me.[citation still needed, and yet this tag will flounder around indefinitely ]

sar-N This user is a native speaker of sarcasm. Isn't that just great?
en This user is a native speaker of English.
en-hk This usah is a speakah of Hong Kong English la, but he/she think that very good in English.
yue 呢位用户嘅母语粤语/广州话
zh-5 該用戶能以專業中文進行交流。
es-4 El nivel de este usuario corresponde al de un hablante casi nativo del español.
fr-3 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau avancé de français.
ja-2 この利用者はある程度日本語ができます。
ko-2 이 사용자는 한국어어느 정도 말할 수 있습니다.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
is-1 Þessi notandi hefur grundvallarkunnáttu á íslensku máli.
la-1 Hic usor simplici latinitate contribuere potest.
pgl Isthay useryay isyay anyay activeyay eakerspay ofyay Igpay Atinlay.
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He does NOT likes unicorns (specifically My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) (no, not really) the New York City Subway people saying stupid things about foxes football being a monkey (COULD YOU PLEASE NOT ADD ANY MORE TEXT? THANK YOU!) stuff.

He has an account under the same name on Uncyclopedia but doesn't really care for it. For reasons unclear to him, he has been blocked as of 15 November 2013. He's also Epicgenius on The Test Wiki. (Yes, I really am.)

He thinks the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York City sells good ice cream.

His current local time is 08:55 AM (reload). Not that he cares—he's up virtually 24/7! (Except nights, generally 10 PM to 6 AM.)

He has been referring to himself in the third person for the past four paragraphs and will now refer to himself in the first person.

WARNING!! Genius material ahead!

Your introduction to Epicgenius

The following is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The preceding statement is true.

Actually, this is so very, very, not true at all. Read on...




(Hey! You can actually already find most of these info above!)

But first, see this

The following is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The preceding statement is true.[2]

General facts

  • Epicgenius's name is Epicgenius?
  • Epicgenius is awesome epic?
  • He's a genius?
  • Epicgenius is not, I repeat not, related to Kim Jong-un the Genius?
  • Epicgenius's favourite food is chocolate-flavoured chocolate?
  • He's a distant relative of Einstein the Genius?
  • He really DOES believe in awesomeness?
  • Epicgenius's real name is actually not Epicgenius. Betcha didn't know!


Epicgenius is not:

  • [insert IQ lower than 100 here]
  • [insert ridiculously low or ridiculously high age here]
  • [insert weird job here]
  • [insert name of famous person here] the Genius
  • [insert silly animal here]
  • [insert religion here]
  • [insert other silly animal here]
  • Any of these users


Vanity section

Don't take this seriously.

  • Epicgenius wrote, single-handedly, 4,675,220 articles on the English Wikipedia.
  • Epicgenius has made about 748,485,381 edits to the English Wikipedia.
  • Epicgenius has made 160 edits per article on the English Wikipedia.



Stop with the disclaimers already! The only thing that is true is the lead, the infobox, and the userboxes.

You asked for it

Atomic bomb launch

Stop x nuvola.svg


(This atomic bomb was shamelessly stolen from User:A520.)


  1. ^ According to his official biography on Wikipedia, which can be actually retrieved HERE in which Epicgenius stated that his parents were geniuses by profession.
  2. ^ See this for evidence.

No, seriously

I do live in New York City. And I do attend school. I think I'm in secondary (or tertiary...) school, but by the time I write this, it would already have been outdated. My name, age, and other potentially identifying information that I don't want to give out is... [ATTENTION! CONFIDENTIAL!]


Really serious section (lol)

No, really.


Hey, knock yourself out with the safe and reasonable speed of your choosing. As long as you aren't doing 90 at night or in a truck, you're fine.

Articles significantly expanded include:

  • NYC-related articles (current project)
  • Lots of train articles (I mean lots)
  • Copyediting for errors (factual and typos), and MOS
  • Adding references and wikifying where fit
  • Anti-vandalism, using STiki, Twinkle, and Vada, and in the future, if I ever get time, Huggle


The results of the U.S. trying to nuke themselves.
  • Who? My initials are (Redacted) (though if you came here from Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, I will vehemently assert that my name is not what it claims to be).
  • What? A teenager at the time of registration. I am still at school. I am male.
  • When? Since November 9, 2012.
  • Where? New York City. Not Staten Island.
  • Why? I don't know. I got a life, but unfortunately no girlfriend yet. :(
  • How? Using a computer.
  • Are you fat? No, I'm not.
  • Did you get Ebola? WHAAA?
  • 你说中文吗? I'm Chinese. Are you seriously asking me if I speak Chinese?!
  • Do you speak English, then? Well, duh.
  • How many cars do you own? Me, zero. My family, multiple.
  • Do you take the subway? Do I have a choice?
  • How good are you in...? Well, I am good at chess, music, math, writing, etc. I am smart and super-awesome. Hence my username. HAHAHA!
  • How old are you? Most people in my age range wouldn't know what a rotary telephone looks like.
  • Who what when where why how? See above.
  • Can you read upside down? Yes.
  • Can you read backward? I can do that too.
  • How about upside down backward? I can do that as well.
  • Confused now? Well, are you? I can read in five directions. I am epic a genius and epic.

On a very grave note

  • Are you a troll? No.
  • Are you here to warn me about vandalism? Wrong page.
  • Are you here to call me a dumbass? Really? Refer to below infobox and then check here.
du-0 This person does not understand dumbass (or understands it with considerable difficulties, or does not want to speak dumbass).
  • Can you stop pushing a POV? What POV?

No, seriously

  • What type of Wikipedian are you exactly? An inclusionist. I like to keep as much good content as possible and throw out all the bad text like vandalism, spam, etc.
  • How many edits do you have? Over 80, according to my edit count.
  • Need help? See village pump or reference desk.

About that...

Actually, I do have a COI with a couple BLPs and a couple articles under the purview of WP:NYC, including two under both WP:SCHOOLS and WP:NYC.

Seriously, now!

WikiProject Chimpanzee Wikipedians Epicgenius is a member of WikiProject Chimpanzee Wikipedians, a WikiProject which aims to give humans as many chimpanzee physical and behavioral qualities as possible.
Mr. Genius needs to be Monkeyfied. Please format this brainiac according to the guidelines laid out at Wikipedia:Guide to layout.

File:Epicgenius (107).jpg
I'm a chimp??!?!??!

Fancy edit summary lingo that I use

Gallery of random funny stuff

Aww, I was hoping that the license plate said "Nikola".

Gallery of weird editing (formerly gallery of vandalism)


Epic vandalism

Funny vandalism on Wikipedia (please help me find the diffs):

Thanks to and Huffington Post (Huffington Post) for the cases of vandalism.

Awful, but still pretty epic


Note: I did not do any of these. I just found them.

(205 entries)

There's more!

This is just silly

Gallery of creepy articles

See this page for a list.

Gallery of weird articles

Arbitrarily random map of an arbitrarily random place


Mailing list posts

Hall of trivia, sponsored by the Epicgenius Parent Company, Inc.

  1. Skip if you are under 18: A lot of people say that vanilla sex is called such because it is bland or without "flavor", and they normally use this term to describe the missionary position or its kin. What they probably don't know is that the word vanilla derives from a Latin word via a diminutive form of the Spanish word vaina, meaning sheath as in that's what a vanilla bean pod looks like. What they might not realize is there's another word deriving from this same Latin root, and that of course is vagina, which literally means scabbard-- i.e., the sheath one puts one's sword into. Ergo vanilla sex is etmyologically appropriate and the blandness is just a coincidence.
  2. Skip if you are color blind: It is accepted that all the world's languages have words for white and black. If that language only has two words, those are them. If they have a third one it is almost always red, if they have a fourth green, and so on. In English there are only three verbs for becoming a color: To whiten, to blacken and to redden. (Golden of course, is an adjective) This means that these words must have been in such an old form of Anglo-Saxon that dates back to when "English" only had this many color words, unlike now, when it has this many.
  3. Skip if you can't understand irony at all, like really?: A lot of people think that Utopia means a good place. This misunderstanding is from Sir Thomas More's 1516 book, which described a fictional land where everything was perfect. However, what More intended the etymology to be was u- (οὐ) meaning "not" or "non", so that it would be a place that didn't exist (-topia comes from topos (τόπος) meaning "place"), a non-place. However, modern English speakers have pronounced the word utopia not like /ˈtpiə/ with an oo sound, but as /juːˈtpiə/, where the /ju/ is similar in sound to the word you as in words like euthenasia or euphony meaning good-death or good-sounding. So? So, that means that inadverntently in Modern English we have changed the meaning of "Utopia" by misunderstanding the referent, and by further mispronouncing the word, we have actually ended up giving it the meeting previously ascribed to it, i.e. a "eutopia" which would actually mean, "good place" in Greek.

Moving on...

Gallery of dumb intrawiki links

My own pages

Other pages

RfA candidate S O N S% Ending (UTC) Time left Dups? Report
RfB candidate S O N S% Ending (UTC) Time left Dups? Report

No RfXs since 23:07, 9 December 2014 (UTC).—cyberbot I NotifyOnline

Interesting IPs

Pages that may be of use

My userboxes are all the way down here

Last but not least...

[note 3]
END This user has no more userboxes.
[note 4]
  1. ^ Technically, maybe.
  2. ^ No, not really.
  4. ^ All these userboxes are fake, except for the real ones. Which ones are real???

Gallery of dumb Wikipedia games

Spammer Bingo

Spammer Bingo is a game (duh!).

Please choose your argument if I reverted your spam.

  1. This is a new and exciting product or service and the community needs to know about it.
    Response: You should consider an advertising budget. I have little confidence in a product or service whose business strategy is predicated on free Wikipedia advertising.
  2. There are other commercial links on the page, what do you have against mine?
    Response: It's still spam. If there are other commercial links on the page, delete them. But if you put your link back, I am deleting it.
  3. Anyone reverting my links must be a shill for my competitor.
    Response: Yes that's it. Based on all the spam reversions I do, I am actually on the payroll of over 5,000 organizations worldwide. My total income generated from this job is over $10 million a year. So you should consider doing what I do rather than spamming for your piddling little product.
  4. This isn't advertising, it's knowledge. How is knowledge spam?
    Response: If it was really knowledge, you would have entered some of that knowledge into the article. Clearly your aim is not education, but making sure that your link is seen.
  5. I have a right to be on Wikipedia.
    Response: You are permitted to do many things on Wikipedia to make it better. You are generally not allowed to advertise. Further about rights, I am only aware of the United States Constitution and Wikipedia spamming isn't really mentioned. If you can point to the relevant passage in your home country's constitution or declaration of human rights, then I shall allow you to spam.
  6. I concede the link is commercial, but it has some content so it should stay.
    Response: You may find this to be a surprise, but I do give consideration to these circumstances and review the material on the link to make a decision. Before you come crying to me, consider these things. Does your content consist of two paragraphs which are more or less a basic definition or description? Does your content discuss why your particular brand is superior in the context of discussing the subject? Is your content already in the article and written by a non-commercial source? If your answer is yes, I will probably revert you. If it is no, let's discuss. If you come here and use reasons 1-5 as your main argument, you are wearing away any benefit of the doubt that I was willing to concede.
  7. Now that you have read this, you need to go back to the beginning and read the external link guidelines and How not to be a spammer. If you had read this earlier, you might not have gotten your link reverted.
  8. Why are you being so mean?
    Response 1: Because of the undying affection of {the author's} fan club. Folks like who likes to spam for hotel booking sites and User:Examcoach who spams his audio books. Of course, There is also We aren't sure what his beef is, but he is from Israel and really loves {the author's} work. This guy is also from Israel and loves my work. Did {the author} show up at a Palastinian fundraiser by mistake? A new addition to the spammer hall of fame represents a hedge fund that he wanted to spam. When the powers that be deleted his article, he attempted to delete some very notable ones in revenge. And there is this person who wants to carry out his personal grievances on Wikipedia. We are assuming he does {the author's talk page|this} because he can't afford a lawyer.
    Response 2: It's not me. Go to {the author's} talk page and ask them.

Thanks guys, your love makes it all worthwhile.


Can you become the Supreme Leader of the Supreme Cabal?
Third opinion
Jimbo Wales
In the news
On this day
Did you know
You are banned!
Community discussion Community discussion
Editor review
Rouge admin
Deletion review
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WikiProject Spam
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(pay $200)
Community discussion ANI
Collect $200 salary as you pass
Monopoly Go Arrow.png

New page patrol Bingo!

Semi-literate nonsense Silly "sport" or other game that
article creator made up
Article is totally unreferenced
and unwikified
Resume pretending to be
an encyclopedia article
SEO "article" that belongs
on a content farm
Title of article not
capitalized properly
Company "About us" page passed
off as an encyclopedia article
Article about user generated content
created solely for promotional purposes
10 substubs on geographic
Crappy article whose subject resides
on the Indian subcontinent
Yet another MySpace band Article about a SEO firm which
does exactly that
Free space Article about a self-proclaimed
Forum with less than 100 users
Article "referenced" only to blogs,
forums and/or social media sites
Article that attempts to import
an external dispute to Wikipedia
Bio written by someone suffering
from delusions of grandeur
First sentence of article
contains "upcoming"
First person spam
Official PR bio passed
off as an encyclopedia article
It is impossible to tell
what the "article" is about
Immature schoolyard nonsense Question that should have been
asked at Yahoo! Answers
Substantial, encyclopedic content

WMF Bingo!

Fundraising Staff member with
zero mainspace edits
Mobile Cynical PR bullshit Gender gap
Brazil Stupid MW extension that
nobody asked for
Clueless staff member(s) Global South Chapters
Neglect for projects
not named Wikipedia
India Free space Nasty interface surprise "Wikipedia has a problem!"
Foundation "initiative" that causes
more problems than it solves
MENA GLAM Feature promised in a month's
time completed a year later
Veto over community
Localization Editor retention Features that are
actually useful
Community "consultation" on
some wiki nobody visits
Education Program

Exit hall

  1. ^ That's New York City, if you are really interested.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h No, it's false, and you know it.
  3. ^ Finally!
  4. ^ This was true in the 1970s and 1980s. Nowadays, it's all fixed up. No need to worry. (Except for the age of the cars and subway system. That ain't true.)
  5. ^ Also true back in the '70s, though I doubt the veracity of such a claim today.
  6. ^ Apparently.
  7. ^
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