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I am a computational biologist with a doctorate in mathematics and a deep interest in the gene regulatory networks underlying cancer, a field I research and publish in. As a result, I may (or may not, depending on time) contribute in Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology.

This page is, for now, mostly just a stub (so that I have some kind of user page as I begin contributing), as I have only recently decided that I might like to contribute to Wikipedia. Until I get sucked into it, and learn some of the details of Wikipedia editing, I will probably just limit my contributions to minor clean-up of topics important to me.

That said, I'm definitely in the camp of those who want to see a page for every protein, although I have fairly strong feelings about the level of detail I'd like to see. In particular, I would like to see much more detail with respect to cell signaling, and this would appear to require deep details with respect to the participant proteins, etc--that is, the depth required would probably exceed the level of detail a layman might want. As a result, I am toying with the idea of a completely separate wiki along these lines--say, WikiGenome--with a restricted intended audience (i.e. the research community). The entire wiki would, in a sense, be a collection of constantly updated review articles.

As I'm currently writing a paper on apoptosis, I have been working on Wikipedia pages on the Bcl-2 family of proteins, starting to build pages for each of the known members. If "apoptosis is your thing, baby" (you have to say it like Austin Powers), and you are pretty good with rendering PDB structures, feel free to jump in and lend a hand rendering and uploading the images, and adding them to the protein templates.

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