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I'm EricLeb01 (Page | Talk). I've retired due to the discouraging lack of progressiveness, the irritating disorganisation prevalent throughout the site, and most importantly, the concept of deletionism, something a website like this should not be encouraging. I'm going to continue to update my articles if the need be and maybe edit some other articles I pass by, but essentially, I'm out. Feel free to send me a message on my talk page.


Article Effort Current Status
 List of World Heritage Sites in Africa FL: List of World Heritage Sites in Africa (21/10/11) (Major rewrite) Featured list FL 
 Petitcodiac River DYK: Petitcodiac River (17/07/10)Good Article: Petitcodiac River (Complete rewrite) Cscr-former.svg FFAC
 List of World Heritage Sites in Western Europe (Complete rewrite) Doing...
 Turtle Creek (New Brunswick) (Created) Doing...
 École L'Odyssée Good Article: École L'Odyssée (Complete rewrite)  GA 
 Jeremy Wotherspoon (Major rewrite) Start-Class article Start 
 Davey Barr (Re-adjustment) Stub-Class article Stub 

Copy edits

Article Words Current Status
Road to the Multiverse 2,364 Featured article FA 
Raid at Cabanatuan 6,568 Featured article FA 
Russell T Davies 10,434 Featured article FA 
Heuschrecke 10 1,235 A-Class article A 
The Ex-Girlfriend 1,655  GA 
Pichilemu 3,407  GA 
A4 (Croatia) 2,423  GA 
Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia 5,166 B-Class article B 



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