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I am in Solomon Islands operating on 47Kb/sec of bandwidth on a good day so these days I only do trivial edits. Before that I was in Uruzgan, Afghanistan, which was only marginally better. Consequently, it looks like I am inactive but actually I care a lot about Wikipedia.

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Ex nihil (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA)

Awards and Barnstars[edit]

Well, actually I haven't got any, not one, but some people have said encouraging things, schade. Oh well.

Significant Contributions[edit]

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Pages started Major contribution Substantially improved
Gastão Salsinha Choking game Asphyxia
Shallow water blackout Drowning Hypoxia
Deep water blackout Swimming Hypoxia (medical)
Brownout Cabin pressurization Bathysphere (vessel)
Madapolam Mount Ramelau Bathyscaphe Trieste
My toolbox Monocoque Dwang
Template:A380_Orders_and_Deliveries Anorak Narnia
Many WP:MOSDAB cleanups East Timor
Decompression sickness Uncontrolled decompression
Jane Aagaard
Air France Flight 447

Gallery of uploaded images[edit]

Countries past and present[edit]

I was born in: Egypt
I am a citizen of: United Kingdom United Kingdom New Zealand and Australia
I am now working in: Solomon Islands
My home is in: Northern Territory of Australia and much of the time in Timor L'Este and Solomon Islands
I went to school in: Germany British Honduras Jamaica and United Kingdom
I went to university at: in New Zealand and and Deakin in Australia
I once lived in: British Honduras Jamaica Germany England Ulster New Zealand Western Australia Timor L'Este Afghanistan Solomon Islands
I have visited: Indonesia Spain Guatemala France Morocco Malaysia Singapore Thailand India Nepal Netherlands Norway Scotland America Iceland Bahamas Eire Belgium Austria Guatemala Italy Switzerland Sri Lanka UAE Cambodia Fiji Kiribati Hawaii Iceland
I hope to visit: Falkland Islands Myanmar

Toolbox template[edit]

This toolbox belongs to Ex nihil but you are very welcome to borrow or copy it:

Ex nihil's Toolbox
How to...

Citing sources
Magnus' Reference generator
Generic citations
Template development
Cut and paste moves
Extended image syntax
Dcljr's Table Help
Copyright problems
Manual of Style
Deletion guidelines for administrators
Category Intersections


Welcomes and warnings
Geographical coordinates
Coordinates templates
Disambiguation and redirection templates
External link templates
Infobox templates
Image copyright tags


Public domain image resources
WikiWax Wikipedia Index

To do

Disambiguation pages with links
Malplaced disambiguation pages
Disambiguation pages in need of cleanup
Monitor Newbie edits

My sandbox[edit]