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AFCBuddy - AFCDrive Assistant
AFCBuddy in its consoly greatness!
Original author(s) Excirial (talk · contribs)
Developer(s) Excirial
Development status Beta / Stable
Written in Visual Basic .NET
Platform Microsoft Windows
Available in English
License Closed Source

AFCBuddy is a automated tool created to assist with Wikiproject Article's for Creations's backlog drive. The program has multiple functions:

  • Generate the mandatory list of diffs for users who give it permission to do so. .(Example)
  • Generate the leaderboard based on rank and number of edits made. (Example)
  • Generate the "Totals" list. Lists both the total amount the user has listed in this category, and the amount AFCBuddy calculated itself.
  • Generate the "Reviewers" list. Lists the amount of re-reviews a user did during the current drive.

If you want AFCBuddy to periodically update your list of reviews, please add yourself to the "Participants" list present on the AFC backlog drive's page, and make certain you indicate that AFCBuddy should generate your user totals (The "Y" option in the signup template). Please read the "Note" section first though. If you notice any problems with any of AFCbuddy's generated output, please give me a nudge on my talk page.


  • Only reviews done through the AFCH script will be counted by AFCBuddy - please use this script for reviewing if you want AFCBuddy to track your work.
  • AFCBuddy can count deleted contributions. Reviews resulting in a page removal will be correctly counted as a review, and listed as such on your diffs page.
  • Statistics will be updated every couple of days at least.

Reported issues[edit]

  • Resolved - Adding smilies to a reviewers page causes a formatting issue once comments are moved. link
  • Resolved - Reviewed reviews occasionally aren't placed on a new line. link
  • Resolved - Double-Failed review did not result in a score deduction for the reviewer. link
  • Resolved - Switch AFCBuddy's reported dates to big-endian format link
  • Resolved - Automatically sort the participant list alphabetically after a run, using a two-column layout.


  • New entry Merge reviews for the same page into one section (1)
  • New entry Support "C" (Commentary) in the {{AFCDriveQC}} template. (2)
  • New entry Blank lines are added to the users drive pages. (3)
  • New entry Change "Deleted Revision" to a link so it will be possible to see if a draft was recreated (4)
  • New entry Garbled reviewers section being generated. 5
  • New entry Pound sign confuses the regex checking for new lines6

AFC Drive signups[edit]

Participants - October 2013 drive[edit]