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My work

Hi, I'm ξxplicit and I'm a former administrator here on the English Wikipedia. I registered an account on July 11, 2007, as DiverseMentality and changed my username in March 2009. I became an administrator on November 2, 2009, after my successful request for adminship. My initial area of interest was music-related articles, where I focus on biographies, albums, songs and discographies relating mostly to R&B, hip hop and pop articles. Since late 2010, my attention has been focused more on editing articles relating to K-pop.

My goal here is to create, expand and maintain articles to be in-depth and well written. Though music is my top priority, I do edit outside this field whenever I can. Some of our core policies—including notability and verifiability—are top priorities in these articles, although ignoring all rules is essential when executed properly. As an admin, a majority of my work is concentrated on media files. As such, you'll frequently see me contributing in several venues, including files for deletion, possibly unfree files and candidates for speedy deletion. I also venture out plenty, so you'll probably find my signature stamp in many other of the venues around Wikipedia.

Content work

Featured article Featured content (4): Aaliyah, List of awards and nominations received by Alicia Keys, List of awards and nominations received by Chris Brown, List of awards and nominations received by John Legend

Good article Good articles (4): Alicia Keys, "Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom)", Seeing Sounds, The Cookbook

Did You Know? Did you know (5): 20 [Twenty], Digital Bounce, Grown-Up (EP), Miguel (singer), Rated Next