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The Signpost
10 December 2014
Centralized discussion
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Note: inactive discussions, closed or not, should be archived.



Immediate requests Entries
Candidates for speedy deletion as attack pages 0
Wikipedians looking for help 0
...from administrators 1
Requests for unblock 35
Wikipedia semi-protected edit requests 16
Wikipedia template-protected edit requests 2
Wikipedia protected edit requests 12
Requested edits 75
Candidates for speedy deletion as copyright violations 2
Candidates for speedy deletion 31
Open sockpuppet investigations 29
Click here to locate other admin backlogs 12

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Administrative backlog[edit]





Pictogram voting wait red.svg No vandalism since final warning. Re-report if this user resumes vandalising. — MusikAnimal talk 17:55, 17 December 2014 (UTC)

CSD / PRODs[edit]

Candidates for speedy deletion Entries
User requested 3
Empty pages 1
Nonsense pages 1
Spam pages 8
Importance or significance not asserted 11
Contested candidates 1
Other candidates 7

The following articles have been proposed for deletion for around 7 days:
( source / chronological order / expired )

WP:UAA / WP:RFPP[edit]


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