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Hi. I'm one of those guys who's been around for a while, and tends to make quite a few little edits, of no real importance, and generally keeps to the shadows. Where I have made pages, I'm largely working on background articles on Manchester City's history, which likely no-one will ever read but whatever - I like them. However, for reasons unknown to me, I've decided to create a Userpage, and poke at least a toe out of those shadows. This, by the way, is taken from my previous userpage, which I have lost the ability to access. All edits made with the Falastur account were done by me.

There's not a whole lot interesting about me that the userboxes don't tell you. I have an interest mainly in history and maths, although you'll never find me editting maths pages simply because the stuff there is already far too complicated for me to possibly be able to expand on. I originally started a project working on raising all Oceania Nations Cup pages to the level of detail seen in such pages as the World Cup articles, though after a while I left that to other, better users to move onto pastures new. As said before, I am currently working on elevating the information on Manchester City (mainly via statistics-related content such as season articles) to a level equal to the attention given to teams such as Manchester United. My ultimate goal is for City's coverage to be better than that of our out-of-town rivals, though that's going to take years of work.

Aside from this, I also have been known to dip into other projects including working on standards of content on other European football articles, and I am willing to take on commissions for articles (mainly football related) so long as the information is there for me go on. I am always looking for feedback on my work, so if you have a free minute please take a gander at some of the articles listed below (many of which are now in the public domain as full articles, and maintained by more than just I) and tell me how I can improve them. Indeed, if you have any information that I am lacking feel free to add them to my articles, though be aware that I tend to be a little possessive about the style and layout of my work ;)

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For your updates and work on the Baltic League article! BanRay 17:09, 24 November 2007 (UTC)

Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
For your exemplary work on the Manchester City Seasons article and all of its subpages! Keep up the good work. gonads3 23:02, 2 August 2010 (UTC)

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