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Joe Felsenstein

Felsenst is me, Joe Felsenstein. I am Professor of Genome Sciences and of Biology at the University of Washington, Seattle. I have contributed to the following pages, among others:

Before I figured out how to register here (duhh!) I made contributions as and (The nonbiological contributions from the former number are not by me but by my son). Occasionally I forget to log in when submitting a change and then I will be listed as

Some day I would like to straighten out the complete mess surrounding the word "cladistics" but for the present I am just trying to figure out how to do that. See the Discussion for this page for more comments on that.

I have also disputed with people whether J.B.S. Haldane can fairly be described as "Scottish". Actually I love Scotland, lived two years of my life there, and even have an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh. That doesn't make me Scottish, though. But once Scottish Pride kicks in you can't stop all sorts of people from being labelled that way. Maybe even "Scotty" on Star Trek ...

I'm beginning to realize that getting things straight in the Wikipedia may be important to having a sound dominant-consensus view in a field. (However, it is a dominant-consensus view and there is no real way around that).