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Citation templates
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ISBN finder
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Magic words
#tag:ref and {{refn}} {{efn}}
{{citation}} {{cite book}} {{cite journal}} {{cite web}} {{cite news}}
{{sfn}} {{sfnm}} {{SfnRef}}
{{harvnb}} {{harvid}} {{harvs}}
{{cref2}} {{cnote2}}
{{cite doi}}
{{cite jstor}}
{{cite pmid}}
DOI Wikipedia reference generator: Converts a digital object identifier (DOI) into {{cite journal}}.
New York Times Wikipedia reference generator: Converts a NYT URL into a {{cite news}}.
Wikipedia citation tool for Google Books: Converts a Google Books URL into {{cite book}}.
Universal Reference Formatter Requires at least part of the citation text, or a URL link, or any one of several article ID numbers: ISBN, DOI, PMID, PMC, SICI
Reference Generator: Depending on type of source, requires at least some part of citation, or a URL link, or some form of reference ID number
Diberri Template builder: Converts URL, DrugBank ID, HGNC ID, ISBN, PubMed ID, PubMed Central ID or PubChem ID to full citation.
APA and MLA Format - A free tool that generates citations in MLA or APA format
DTU Informatics PMID to Cite journal: Requires a PubMed ID (PMID)
Biomedical citation maker: For journals indexed by PubMed. Accepts PMID, DOI, PMCID as inputs. Bookmarklet is available.
Citation template generator: Accepts ISBN, PMID, websites. Sidebar version (for Firefox, Opera and IE Mac) is available.

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Help:Wiki markup
Wikipedia:Extended image syntax

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Images for History of alternative medicine & Bethlem Royal Hospital
Hydrotherapie by Honoré Victorin Daumier (1808-1879) 
Samuel Hahnemann 1841 
Village Martket with the Quack 
No home remedy 
Market scene with quack 
Disease cannot exist 
The Maniac, or Visiting Papa in Bethlem, Thomas Rowlandson, 1787 




Useful Wiki tools[edit]

  • Catscan [1]
  • Trending in History of psychiatry [2]
  • List changes made recently to pages linked from a specified page: Bethlem Royal Hospital[3]
  • List changes made recently to pages linked from a specified page: History of alternative medicine [4]
  • List contributors to an article, ranked in order of activity [5]
  • Find images for a given article, using interwiki links [6]
  • User's across-projects contributions [7]
  • Search Wikipedia's back pages [8]
  • Request page protection [9]
  • Geolocator [10]

Useful Wikipedia pages[edit]


  • To make this look like this: {{ plainlink | url= | name= }}
  • To hide a page from Google, type __NOINDEX__ at the top of the page.
  • Passage to be sourced.[citation needed] {{cn-span|Passage to be sourced.}}
  • Create columns: {{Div col|cols =4}} (separate items with <br>) {{Div col end}}
  • To suppress table of contents on a small article, type __NOTOC__ at the top of the page.
  • To link to a point in a page insert {{anchor|someword}}. The link is [[page name#someword]].
  • cite <sup class="plainlinks">[ cite]</span>
  • Passage to be sourced.[citation needed] {{Reference necessary|1=Passage to be sourced.|date=November 2010}} (date optional)
  • To link to a specific page on google books, add "&pg=PA###" after the ID # -


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