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Welcome to Figureskatingfan, Christine's userpage[edit]

Sums up my Wiki-philosophy, and my goal as an editor

"Leading a poetic wikilife..." [1]
"Now, Christine, you are a weirdo." [2] To which I say: Hey, I'm in good company!

My real name is Christine Meyer. Welcome to my Wikipedia "bragging page".

Wikipedia essays of note[edit]


"Like I always say, why let facts get in the way of your opinions?" - Christine W. Meyer (That's me!)

Added on St. Patrick's Day:
In March 2008, I attended the memorial service of my uncle, Pat Wombacher. His son Dave made the following statement:

"When people ask me if I'm Irish, I say, 'Well, my dad drinks beer, and my grandmother's name was Murphy, so I guess that makes me Irish." I get to say the same thing, but that my mother's name was Kelly.

"I'm not even my own kids' favorite Wiggle." - Anthony Field[1]

"Evil is insanity." - Kaspar, Exile's Return (Raymond E. Feist)
"Sin makes you stupid." - Mark Shea

"All life is precious." - Henry Duque (Eddie Matos, Cane)

"If there were another man in my life, it would be Oscar. Don't tell Luis". - Sonia Manzano[2]

"If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Wikipedia, ignore it." (Wikipedia policy)

"I'm really part of the first generation of people who grew up on Sesame Street. The work of Sesame Street, in its own way, is similar to my work in the sense that [it's] fundamentally about universal access to preschool education and my work is about universal access to knowledge. We both play a role in what I think has become much bigger than the time when Sesame Street started: the world of informal learning". - Jimmy Wales[3]

In the final words of his autobiography, Steve Martin says the following about the internet. He might as well be speaking of Wikipedia: "... I have learned that people are uploading their lives into cyberspace and am convinced that one day all human knowledge and memory will exist on a suitable hard drive which, for preservation, will be flung out of the solar system to orbit a galaxy far, far away."[4]


Note to self

To-do list[edit]

As of 21 August 2014

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My contributions[edit]

"Escaping Criticism", by Pere Borrell del Caso
So why am I on Wikipedia?

Wow, my contributions have become so substantial, making this userpage too large and bulky, I created another one to keep them all! See User:Figureskatingfan/Christine's contributions.

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